atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1547: Good thing I didn't have a pen.

I saw, at the supermarket, that someone had put an ad on the bulletin board near the entrance. I usually peruse them--more for the moment's worth of amusement than anything else--and today I got more than a moment's.

Someone had posted a flier imploring people to drive electric cars. Why? Well, because it prevents the relese of "CO2" which "damages the society".

If I had only had a pen with me, I would have written on the bottom:

In Illinois, all of our power comes from burning coal and oil. This releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Driving electric cars will therefore offset production of carbon dioxide from cars to the power plants, and will result in no reduction of emissions whatsoever.

...of course my handwriting sucks, so no one would have been able to understand it, anyway. *sigh*

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