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#1548: I feel rotten.

Thursday the GF and I went out for dinner. I'd been meaning to take her out since March but we hadn't gotten around to it; last night everything fell into place and I said, "Let's go!" So we went.

We went to the nearest TGIFriday's, which is in Tinley Park, and then I decided to bop over to the store I work at to pick up a pair of pants for my nephew's first communion, which occurs later this morning.

I was in the fitting room, trying on a pair of pants, when the colon sounded the "warp core breach" alarm, entirely without warning--I pulled on my pants, tossed the slacks to my GF (telling her they were too small and to get the next largest size) and sprinted--quite literally--for the bathroom. I barely made it, but make it I did...and there was an explosion.

Luckily this was the store I worked at: I knew where the nearest bathroom was and I had my badge on me (for my employee discount) so I could show it was more-or-less okay for me to be in that bathroom. If I had had to go up to the front of the store, or if I had had to find a bathroom--I'm not sure I would have made it.

27 hours later I still feel crappy, though there has been no repetition of the "warp core breach" situation. I am running one degree of fever.

No, it is not swine flu. (Or H1B1 or whatever the stupid feds call the damn thing.) It's not the food I had at TGIFriday's, either, because it happened too soon after dinner. I don't know what the hell it was. I feel crappy and woozy and a bit feverish and that means I'm not going to be going to my nephew's first communion tomorrow, damn it.

On the plus side, I didn't have to call off tonight because I had already taken today off in order to be able to attend my nephew's first communion tomorrow morning.

Nonetheless, it's disappointing; I was looking forward to it. *sigh*

* * *

Planned Parenthood considers legal action because Orange County (California) has yanked its funding. That is to say, the local chapter promises legal action next year when they plan to offer "breast cancer screening".

Go ahead and sue, douchebags. Maybe you should consider reporting child molestors, as required by law.

* * *

Fox won the ratings Wednesday night by showing regular content instead of Obama's "100 days" bloviation. Good for Fox!

* * *

This person has her head stuffed in an unlikely orofice. Anita Hill to replace Souter? No, this is satire, right? It's a joke?

Good Lord, the gal is serious.

She goes on to talk as if Clarence Thomas alone has made all the decisions of the Supreme Court by himself, instead of being one of nine people--"I want Hill to counter Thomas’s continued assaults on personal freedoms and equality"--and is clearly an unhinged moonbat liberal nutcase.

Well, c'mon, she writes for Vanity Fair--what more proof do you need?

* * *

Dick Morris thinks Obama's high approval ratings won't last. I've been pretty sure of this from the get-go, and that this slump would occur regardless of the best efforts of the soi disant journalists in the news media.

It will happen because of Obama's own policies. He's still blaming the previous administration for all his travails, but as time goes on that dog will cease being able to hunt effectively (except amongst the kool-ade-drinking Democrats) (and the news media) and the rank-and-file will realize that they voted for "crap sandwich".

* * *

The Dalai Lama likes George W. Bush. Suck it, libtards.

* * *

Good news! A huge--huge--natural gas find within the borders of the US, on (well, under) dry land.

Natural gas--methane--is a good fuel for a lot of things, and in fact you can run cars and trucks on the stuff with only minor modifications. The range sucks, because methane is not as energy-dense as gasoline or diesel, but it's clean--cleaner than gas or diesel--and abundant.

The article also points up something which I have mentioned many times in the past: we haven't discovered all the oil and gas reserves the Earth has. "Peak oil" advocates like to tell us that the petroleum-based energy economy is doomed, but in fact we keep finding new deposits as the technology used to find them impoves. It used to be that--if you wanted to find oil--you drilled a well to see what happened. There was usually some educated guesswork that went into the siting of the drill, but prospectors otherwise had nothing but luck, and for every one who struck it rich there were hundreds who never made a dime.

The process of finding oil and gas deposits has benefitted from over a hundred years' worth of experience and dedicated science, but that doesn't mean we know everything...and I would wager that there are some deposits we're pretty sure about but cannot physically access because they're just too deep in the ground.

As technology continues to improve, more and more resources are made available, and sooner or later those resources become economically viable--at which time they are exploited. "Peak oil" does not take this fact into account.

* * *

This is a new one: the reduction of air pollution is causing global warming!

What is not stated is that the cause of global warming then must be something else--if it is not carbon dioxide, but a reduction of sulfur compounds, which led to the rise in temperature, then what is causing the temperature to rise?

Oh, but it goes on to say that soot is what's making the atmosphere warm. Man-made soot? Well, "aerosol levels from dust storms and volcanoes alone would account for as much as 70 per cent of the temperature rise seen in the Atlantic ocean during the past 26 years." So man-made soot is responsible for 30% of global warming?

Here is an interesting bit: "Shindell's research, backed by other recent studies, suggests that it might be a lot more cost-effective to tackle emissions of black-carbon aerosols. Filtering soot from exhausts would be hugely easier than capturing and sequestering CO2,..." I would submit that that is a good idea regardless of its effect on climate: it makes the air cleaner. We know that inhaling soot is bad for people; it stands to reason that it would be responsible of those who burn large quantities of anything that they not dump tons of soot into the atmosphere.

Besides, if there is soot in your exhaust, it means you are not completely burning your fuel. It's wasteful; you're letting unburned fuel go up your chimney!

Finally, the article's money quote, which ought to be printed on every diploma granted for meteorology, climatology, or "green studies":
The appearance of aerosols at the front of the climate-science stage does indicate that the issue isn't simple, and that environmental policies can have unforeseen and unexpected effects.
That statement is 100% correct and true.

* * *

While the United States grapples with recession and flirts with depression, while millions of people face layoffs and unemployment, Michelle Obama wears $540 sneakers to walk the dog.

"Insensitive" hardly touches it. How about "stupid" and "trashy"? Those two adjectives help, because let me tell you, those shoes look lots like the $45 Converse shoes I walk past several times a night at work.

I want to know who paid for those shoes!

Did you know that $540 would buy shoes for 54 people if you bought them at Wal-mart? (Before tax, anyway.) I used to buy shoes at Wal-mart all the damn time when I didn't need to be on my feet all day. $10 would get you a perfectly serviceable pair of sneaks that looked good and had decent durability.

A lot was made during the last election about the clothing and property owned by Republicans; why are the same wealth-envy jerks not complaining about this?

Hint: Michelle Obama is a Democrat.

* * *

...while looking around 4chan (yeah, I know, "rules 1 and 2"...fuck 'em. Fuck the game, too) I saw an ad for a hookup site, and one bit of data jumped out at me: the bust measurement of 75B.

75B? O Lord I hope that girl measured herself in centimeters....

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