atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#155: Peurile junior high humor

...but I can't get it out of my head.

Someone--I think it was either Parker Bros. or Milton-Bradley--makes a puzzle game called "Perfection". It has a spring-loaded board attached to a timer, and the object is to get all the pieces into their proper holes before the timer releases the board, ejecting all the pieces that you've managed to get in. If you complete this operation the rules allow you to stop the timer, thus preserving your accomplishment for posterity. (Or until someone else wants to play the game.)

In the early 1980s they had a catchy little jingle which explained the operation of the game. I remember the entire tune, but can't remember most of the words, because a friend's older brother made up new words which utterly obliterated the original jingle from my memory:

When you're into Erection, you've got to be quick
It's a fun way to play with your dick
Push the panties down, set the timer
Get the rubber in place, don't be slow
With Erection, you've gotta have sex fast
Have sex fast
'Cause the sperm will pop out
And your erection won't last
And that's Erection

What do you want? We were all in junior high school at the time.

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