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#1549: I should think the answer to this problem would be obvious.

Just don't go 155 MPH.

The posted speed limit in populated areas is usually around 55 MPH. I have never seen a speed limit over 70. Allowing for a "10 over" highway speed (80 in a 70 zone) that's still 75 MPH less than 155 MPH.

Some people are up in arms over "build quality" because of this, but GM doesn't build race cars; driving one fast enough to crack the front fascia is taking it beyond its design limits.

Yes GM drove the thing that fast, and yes it's speed-limited to 155. (How well would a muscle car sell if it were speed-limited to, say, 105?) But the car was not designed for the Autobahn; it was designed for American roads, and in America, we have speed limits. GM built the car to be driven under 100 MPH for its entire life--excepting brief "check this out!" moments--and the engineers probably didn't expect the front fascia to be routinely exposed to the aerodynamic loading of extended high-speed operation.

* * *

This guy has been added to the blogroll.</a> I clicked a link which led me to another link which led me there, and I found myself liking what I read, so there we are.

I find myself, now, reading his criticisms of one feminist blogger and discussing her excessive sentence length, and realize that my sentences are about the same length. (That one sentence was almost 30 words. Yeesh.) So is that bad writing? Or what? I don't even know. I've been writing recreationally for a long time; long sentences are a fact of life with me and no one has ever expressed any problem with them. Heinlein is my chief influence, style-wise, and he wrote some long sentences. They were never hard to read, and I like to think mine are similarly readable.

When I subject my text to "readability" tests it always comes out as readable at some low level--late grade school, junior high, etc--and I shoot for an 8th grade reading level because it's about the common denominator these days.

...well, I'm not going to obsess over it, because--to be honest--it's too much effort to worry about. I spent a lot of time getting my sentence construction to be as automatic as possible, so I can express my thoughts without worrying about how to express them...and since the old Fungus is for me first I suppose it doesn't matter as long as I am happy with it.

Anyway as for Dennis the Peasant I have to say it's a good read, esp. when he starts making fun of all the gender feminists. Those gals are lunatics.

* * *

Steven mentions, in this post, having had a nightmare about an anime series named Tearful Tears. For the past several weeks it's been rattling around in my head, and--for the love of god, Montresor!--my brain has started trying out various character designs.

O Lord.

* * *

Condoleeza Rice FTW. Just watch the clip. Notice how the room suddenly gets quiet when she starts to talk.

She hands a libtard his junk in detail. I am not going to quote the punch line here but it comes at about 5:21 and it is awesome.

I would wager that the kid was seething when he later talked to his friends about it. Well, it's never a good feeling when you go into a discussion thinking you're "all that"...and then get thoroughly schooled by a professional.

Every time I hear her talk I am impressed with how clearly she expresses her thoughts and how intelligent she is. There are plenty of people involved in government who do not speak as well as she does--like, oh, our sitting President!

* * *

Torgilgrimm--my first WoW character--finally hit 30th level last night. Right away I got him his ridin' ram, and now I have only one character who is under 30th level.

I have hardly played any of my higher-level characters at all. Right now Bitsychan the rogue seems to be my main. Oh well.

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