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#1550: White House strongarms corporations

Imagine how the Bush White House would have been pilloried for this:
The Obama administration threatened to use the White House press corps to besmirch the reputation of one of the financial firms that holds Chrysler debt, according to a prominent New York bankruptcy lawyer.
It all depends on how the press treats this, but I'm betting the press will ignore it or sweep it under the rug rather than give any attention to it.

"It harkens back to the dirty tricks tactics of past administrations, and suggest a cavalier attitude toward the exercise of political power to control the actions of private citizens." Why be surprised? The Obama administration came to power thinking it's the Second Coming; and as we've seen time and again Democrats don't give a flying fuck about the rights of the "little people" as long as they get their way. (Most recent example: Iowa's Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage there and Iowa Democrats doing their utmost to see to it that the citizens of Iowa don't get to vote on the issue.)

* * *

Hollywood libtard Ron Howard is upset because he thinks the Vatican is trying to hamper the release of Da Vinci Code sequel Angels and Demons.

Gee, what could the Catholic church possibly have against a story that portrays everything they stand for as a lie?

* * *

This week in 1976, "Bohemian Rhapsody" was #9 on the charts. It's one of those songs that is okay if you hear it once in a long while; but I've heard it far too many times in the past year and I could safely stand to go another 18 months without hearing it at all.

I'm glad I wasn't listening to the radio much in 1976.

(I'm listening to Sirius 70s on 7, channel 804 on DirecTV, and they're running "America's Top 40" from April 24th, 1976.)

* * *

Vox Day doesn't draw the obvious conclusion here, but he hints at it: the media is trying to help Obama by "talking up" the economy, much the same way they tried to hurt George Bush by "talking down" the economy for years.

* * *

#7 is the theme to Welcome Back, Kotter. Heh. It reminds me of the older brother of a high school friend of mine. The older brother was something of a cut-up while he was there; and what did he end up doing? Teaching at the very same high school he attended. Art imitates life.

* * *

George Will discusses the economic problems facing California. It's a worthy read; it shows what can happen when government overdoes the tax-and-spend schtick.

* * *

#4, 33 years ago, was "Boogie Fever". Listening to this archived broadcast one can tell that, in 1976, disco was on its way up. I recall 1977, 1978 as the serious "disco years" but as I was a mere stripling of 10, 11 at the time, my memory may be faulty.

They played Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" and it sounded a semitone sharp to me, as if they'd sped it up ever-so-slightly. They played the Mamas and the Papas' "California Dreamin'" and I noticed that the flute solo was flat. Who says analog sound is inferior to digital?

...but there have been times when I've listened to these shows and thought, "Holy crap that sounds like shit!" There is frequently audible wow and flutter, for example--most people don't even know what those things are any more--and in fact I could hear some serious wow in the song that was just playing. These guys were playing records, after all.

I was sensitized to songs being too sharp or flat by my first stereo. The turntable was driven by a rubber idler wheel which itself was driven by the shaft of the motor. Over time the shaft accumulated crud and dirt which changed the drive ratio; each revolution of the motor turned the idler a bit farther than it was designed for, and the end result was that the thing would play records about a semitone too fast. (That is, the music was shifted up half a note, because it was being reproduced at a faster rate.) I eventually learned how to fix this--remove the platter and clean the shaft with some 800-grit sandpaper--but the damage was done; my ears now faithfully report to me whenever a song isn't playing right, and it drives me nuts. *sigh*

The #1 song? A disco song: "Disco Lady" by Johnnie Taylor. Casey Kasem just said that it was the biggest disco hit ever (in late April of 1976, anyway). He said that it had been "two or three years" since disco first hit the scene in the US.

He just said, "Keep your feet on the ground." I hear that all the time from dwarves in WoW.

* * *

(Then he added, "...and keep reaching for the stars," though.)

* * *

Now they're playing Kiss' signature tune, "Rock and Roll all Nite", and I can't help but be reminded of the new Cherry Dr. Pepper commercials with Gene Simmons:

Simmons, jr: "Dad! Dad! It's not kiiisssss. It's 'kiss'. It's amazingly smooth."
Simmons: (almost with resignation) "Dr. Pepper. It's amazingly smooth."


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