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#1551: This is really a bad idea.

Of course the Democrats are going to green-light it ASAP. The skinny: the new federal "hate crimes" law--which will make certain crimes more illegal than other, similar crimes--includes language that will make it a federal "hate crime" if you smack a pedophile for being a pedophile.


...among other things, I mean; it's not just protecting gays and pedophiles, but any of 547 forms of sexual deviancy as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

One wonders about that: I mean, it's been decades since the APA removed homosexuality from its list of deviant behavior, so why the hell are the Democrats even including all this other nonsense?

I'll tell you why: because homosexuals practice a lot of those behaviors, that's why. So let's say you slug a homosexual who, erm, "likes" animals, and say, "That is for molesting my dog!" You've committed a federal hate crime!

Democrats: defining deviancy down since 1970!

* * *

That's right, the SUV just started itself and threw itself into gear and tried to run down a bunch of innocent people!

* * *

Yeah, and I don't want any of it. McDonald's stupid "McCafe" crap. I don't drink coffee, and I don't drink latte, cappucino, frappacino, rat-pacino, Al Pacino, WTF! WWW.WTF.COM!

< /denis leary >

I don't drink any of that nonsense. I get my caffiene from Pepsi, damn it. And I am getting really tired of being asked--every time I go to McDonald's--if I want to buy their stupid overpriced coffee crap. I don't want that stupid stuff, and even if I did want it, McDonald's would be the last frickin' place I'd go for it.

* * *

Boortz informs us that Obama wants to presume guilt, rather than innocence, in certain cases.

That's unconstitutional. I'm wondering how much that the Obama administration is trying to do will be struck down by the courts? Because if they don't get reality checks like that, they're going to run roughshod all over us.

* * *

Another "we elected a black President, so STFU" moment. A provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965--meant to expire after five years--is obsolete even though it has been renewed several times. The election of a black President is proof that this provision is no longer needed, IMHO.

* * *

The press is a bunch of 14-year-old girls, opines the Anchoress. I think she's on to something there.

* * *

Michelle Malkin refers to the George Will column I discussed the other day, and she says that George Will neglected to mention the extra-sad state of the California GOP.

* * *

"What I'm listening to:" I don't fill out that nonsense but today I'll mention that I'm listening to Llewellyn's album "Healing Spirit", which has a lot of native American indian speech and instruments in it. I rather like it.

It's good to relax to. I had a shitty night at work last night: I had to unload the truck, then I had two hours to do Receiving. On top of that, the day that I thought someone had taken (May 1) had not actually been taken, so I got a "no call, no show" (NCNS) for May 1. The boss called me into his office to give me a "counseling" for that.

It was perfectly justified, but it really frustrated the hell out of me.

I wasn't really in trouble for it, but an NCNS is--of course!--a no-no.

The explanation for why I thought the day had been taken when it wasn't is long and complex, and--to be honest--isn't really pertinent, because it was my responsibility to be 100% clear on my schedule. It's just really aggravating that it happened.

* * *


...nothing new to report since I spent Monday asleep. Torgilgrimm now has a pet turtle, which is one of the three pets one can acquire by doing all the "Childrens' Week" quests. There are 5 quests which are not hard to accomplish, and by doing them you're given a choice between a turtle, a pig, a rat, or "the curmudgeon's reward", which is about 5 GP.

The turtle can keep up with a mounted character. The turtle is auto-named "Speedy", which is apt.

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