atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

Atomic Fungus!

Hi all. My name is Ed Hering, and I'm going to try my hand at writing a blog. My deathless prose will be immortalized for posterity!

...I expect to be able to count my readership on my thumbs, too, but you never know.

I expect that I'll be blogging on a semi-regular basis about whatever the hell interests me at the time I write the entry. This means any number of things from science fiction, to anime, to politics, to...well, whatever, up to and including mini-essays on my life and how I cope with it.

I'm also an inveterate car nut, and I have a Fiero I'm expect Fiero commentary, too, because I won't be able to resist talking about that.


So, what is the rant du jour?


I was looking at Steven Den Beste's Chizumatic today ( ) and saw that he was talking about drag racing being a truly American form of racing.

I see his point (and I have saved, somewhere, the list of drag racing facts he posted in the entry) but the only kind of racing that really impresses me is rally racing–the one where the driver has a navigator who reads the route from a printed list as the two of them hurtle down a variety of roads as fast as humanly possible. The driver does not know what's coming until his navigator tells him.

That sounds reasonable, but when you see the kind of roads they drive on–I didn't really get it until I saw a car driving down a dirt road barely wider than a bike path at around 80 MPH, in the RAIN.

The driver and navigator must trust each other completely; they must be a team or they'll lose precious seconds on the course. The cars are usually stripped-down versions of showroom stock cars, as far as I can tell, though they are heavily modified–things like one-piece front clips, for example, and race-prepared engines and transmissions. You can tell the transmissions have straight-cut gears in them by the noise they make.

The races take place in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of terrain, and fans just line up along the route without much–if anything–between them and the cars.

I don't really follow any form of racing, but this kind is what catches my attention.



Today I watched "Wedding Peach DX", the 4-episode OVA series tacked onto the end of the "Wedding Peach" TV series. It was most enjoyable. And unlike the TV series, it has some fan service in it! Whee!!

Then I started watching the "Yawara!" episodes I downloaded ( ) and burned to DVD. Episode 46 was the first new episode of "Yawara!" that I've seen since, oh, 2001, as I recall...

As I type this I have episodes 48-50 being converted and burned to DVD.

I first started collecting the "Yawara!" fansubs in 1999 or so. I got as many episodes as were available at the time; that got me as far as episode 45, and no farther, because AnimEigo was thinking about optioning the series. (Boy, THAT fell off the face of the planet.) Fansubbing of the series by Neko Creations just stopped, and so for years and years there was no new "Yawara!" 45 episodes out of, what, something like 150 episodes?

Mental note to self–at some point I must post a detailed review of "Yawara!"...

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