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#1552: This is not that damn difficult to understand!

Yet I must keep repeating myself: if the bulk of the profit stays in America, it's an American car. If the bulk of the profit goes to a foreign country, it's a foreign car. That's why the Hondas and Toyotas that are built in Ohio and Tennesse, respectively, are not "American" cars. They are still foreign cars.

So, while Chrysler was owned by Daimler, guess what? It was a foreign car. Chrysler is no longer owned by a foreign company, so it's American again.

We want people to buy cars which help our economy, not cars which help the economies of other countries. If you buy a GM car, or a Chrysler, or a Ford--even if the car is actually built in another country!--you are still buying an American car.

...unless Fiat ends up owning Chrysler.

* * *

Let the guy wear a skirt, for crying out loud. "Freedom of expression" covers a pretty wide area. If the guy wants to "dress like wunna them funny boys", it's not up to the courts or the police to tell him he cannot; in fact he's got a right to dress however he pleases.

(Within certain limits, of course. They can tell him that he may not be naked in public, and usually the law can be made to stick. For example, he may not be nude in court.)

Okay, the guy's a moron and a weirdo, but WTF, at least his junk is covered.

Besides, what about men wearing kilts?

* * *

The law of unintended consequences in action. A law intended to prevent discrimination against pregnant women ends up fostering discrimination against pregnant women.

* * *

ACLU is on the wrong side of the recent "hate crimes" bill. An interesting point: the bill, contends Mr. Hentoff, violates some civil rights. The case he makes is a fair one, and I have to wonder why the ACLU approves of hate crime legislation?

...but of course the ACLU isn't about protecting civil rights; if it were, it would stand up for gun ownership, something it has never done. (Or "rarely", anyway.) The ACLU is, and has been for a very long time, a shill for Democrat policies.

* * *

People are finally noticing that the sun is unusually quiet. Just today there was another article which read as if the writer was trying to convince himself that a quiet sun didn't mean global warming was over.

This article, in fact, stems from the same source, and it insists that even if we entered another Maunder Minimum similar to the one that caused the Little Ice Age, we won't see that level of cooling because there's so much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

...385 ppm versus about 250 ppm. Yeah, that's a huge increase. The article says "50 to 60 percent higher than normal", which is disingenuous if not an outright lie.

There is no such thing as a normal carbon dioxide level. It has always changed, and the ice core data demonstrates that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels lag temperature trends by about 800 years. Our planet has been both much warmer and much colder than it is now with four times as much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as was present during the Little Ice Age.

And I'm not going to go over all that again, damn it. I know it, longtime readers of the Fungus know it, and I'm sick of repeating myself.

* * *

The Anchoress talks about the differences in economic reporting between the Bush years and the Obama Nation. Basically she echoes my own sentiments, only she does it better and has actual links to articles which demonstrate the point rather nicely.

* * *

C'mon, Michelle, you know better than that. Michelle Malkin talks about the disastrous Air Force One photo op and the fact that the White House has refused to release the photographs to the public.

Boortz mentioned it, and it took me a bit to understand what he meant: the instant those photographs are released, some people are going to use Photoshop to duplicate them--to make composite photographs using images from other sources--which will look just as good as the actual photographs.

And the administration can't have that, becuase it'll show how frickin' stupid that decision was.

Count on this one becoming an albatross, though, because it's not just going to go away, no matter how fervently the White House may try to make it so. They scared the shit out of an entire freaking city, for crying out loud.

Michelle, however, should know better than to act surprised that Obama's administration is only transparent when it wants to be. She's been a conservative commentator for years; anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together can see how Democrats operate.

* * *

Last night I dusted off my death knight and discovered that running around in Silithus and killing stuff is easy, fun, and lucrative. I've turned in a few quests and gotten the DK to within 25% of 63rd level, which is good.

There are a bunch more quests to do there, though, so I expect I'll be fiddling around in Silithus for quite a while. Which is good; I haven't been playing the DK much because all the quests I've got are in the Plaguelands (Eastern and Western) and those didn't seem like much fun to me. So I'll get a level or two in Silithus and maybe that'll bump my capabilities enough that the Plagueland quests will be more fun. We'll see.

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