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#1554: White House threatened private businesses.

Apparently this story has been corroborated.

Just imagine what would be said about George Bush if he had threatened private businesses that way.

* * *

The real reason is that Martin Sheen is an idiot. If Martin Sheen was elected to some political position it would rapidly become obvious how stupid he is. He is just smart enough to know this.

Besides, there are then also the issues of accountability and responsibility, and if he were a politician he might actually have to suffer consequences for his moronic positions.

* * *

So apparently the idiotic Air Force One photos are, after all, going to be released. I had a feeling that those pictures couldn't/wouldn't stay buried for long.

Of course, it is just one picture that is being released, not all of them. But it's a start.

* * *

Problem is, it's $500. The new Kindle DX has a massive screen, but it's also got a massive price to match: it's $130 more than the Kindle 2 is.

Well, if you're going to buy a Kindle 2, $130 more for a much larger screen is a worthy investment, IMHO...but if--like me--you're unwilling to part with that much money for a gadget, the DX is prohibitively expensive.

I mean, come on--I paid $500 for my last laptop.

Still, as these things become more popular, we can expect the prices to come down. I'd be all over a Kindle DX if it was around $250.

Having seen the Sony eBook Reader in action, I can comfortably say that the screen should be able to display typical manga pages without any real difficulty.

The real advantage of the DX, other than the huge screen, is that it (finally!) has native PDF support. Hook it up to your computer via USB, dump PDFs to it, and enjoy. So there's another use: put the PDFs of your D&D books on it. Hoody hoo!

* * *

Speaking of "hoody hoo" I am beginning to wonder where the hell the latest issue of Knights of the Dinner Table is. My GF got me a subscription to it for Valentine's Day; I've received two issues so far.

I finally got the latest issues of Trains and Model Railroader, so at least I'm no longer wondering where the hell those are. Still....

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