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#1555: "Review"?

Obama administration plans to "review" manned spaceflight program. The political types at NASA are all saying that the review is necessary, but I have to wonder why? Either the program is fine, or it's not fine--and if it's the latter, a "review" isn't going to fix anything.

I am suspicious that this "review" is actually the preface to making cuts or changes to the manned program. During the campaign Obama as much as said he was going to push back the retirement date for the Shuttle; and Democrats--save Kennedy and Johnson--have historically been very, very hostile to the space program.

* * *

Here and here we have two articles about executives who are breaking with Obama on certain initiatives. The first is about the administration's need to raise taxes to fund its ideas; the second is about Card Check.

It's obvious--to anyone who is not a Democrat--that both of those plans will hurt business. And this comes at a time when business has enough trouble already.

The second article consists of delicious irony: people who supported Obama now stand to be hurt by his policies. I have to wonder how they're going to deal with the cognitive dissonance of that situation.

* * *

Ilana Mercer on Meghan McCain: "...Republicans have failed to make the only valid case against Meghan, and that is that she is really really stupid."

I dealt with one of McCain's idiotic pronouncements in a prior post and had already concluded that she has the approximate IQ of a frozen Cornish game hen.

* * *

The worst thing about it being Friday is that I have to work tonight. *sigh*

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