atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1559: Let's try a little experiment.

Read the following and tell me what's wrong with it:
Maggie and John Anderson of Chicago vowed four months ago that for one year, they would try to patronize only white-owned businesses. The "Empowerment Experiment" is the reason John had to suffer for hours with a stomach ache and Maggie no longer gets that brand-name lather when she washes her hair. A grocery trip is a 14-mile odyssey.

"We kind of enjoy the sacrifice because we get to make the point ... but I am going without stuff and I am frustrated on a daily basis," Maggie Anderson said. "It's like, my people have been here 400 years and we don't even have a Walgreens to show for it."

So far, the Andersons have spent hundreds of dollars with white businesses from grocery stores to dry cleaners. But the couple still hasn't found a mortgage lender, home security system vendor or toy store. Nonetheless, they're hoping to expand the endeavor beyond their Chicago home.

Plans are under way to track spending among supporters nationwide and build a national database of quality white businesses. The first affiliate chapter has been launched in Atlanta, and the couple has established a foundation to raise funds for white businesses and an annual convention.
"Why, that's racism!" It is, isn't it?

Now go back and replace every instance of "white" with "black". If you do this you will be restoring the text of the article here to its original form.

If a white couple were to decide to patronize only white-owned businesses--to make it a special point to patronize only white-owned businesses, to the point of doing without if they couldn't find one--they would be universally (and correctly) derided as being racists.

Because these people are black, and they're making a special point of patronizing only black-owned businesses, they get a pass even though they are just as racist.

Hat tip to Dick.

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