atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1560: Yet another WoW character

A human warlock, Amaleni.

Professions: Mining, Jewelcrafting, First Aid.

Started Tuesday, May 12.

As of now Amaleni is 8th level, and I've started running quests in Dun Morogh because Blizzard apparently nerfed the spawn rate of mineral veins in Elwynn Forest.

The whole reason for this character is so I can explore the Jewelcrafting profession. Already I have learned where Jewelcrafters get their gems: by use of the "prospecting" skill, which takes 5 units of a "base" ore (copper, iron, WTF-ever) and searches the ore for gemstones. The ore is consumed in the process, of course. But it means a lot of mining.

I've had two other warlocks, neither of which got past 6th level because I couldn't get interested in playing Horde characters for some reason.

I tardily realized I should have made this character draenei rather than human. Oh well. I don't feel like starting over. Besides, I'm not sure draenei can be warlocks and I definitely wanted a warlock I could live with--they seem to be popular characters.

* * *

Thursday was simply gorgeous. After getting 1.75" of rain on Wednesday we were due for a nice one.

I had to dig the mowers out and cut the grass again; we've been getting so much rain that the grass is almost growing fast enough to see. I couldn't cut the immediate back yard since it's a swamp; but I cut the rest of the yard including the "east 40" and it all needed doing.

And it's going to rain again today. Which means I'll be cutting the grass again on Sunday. Assuming that it's not raining then, too.

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