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#1569: But England outlawed "dangerous knives"!

How can this kind of thing happen? Two rival Chinese gangs fought a battle with knives at a karaoke restaurant.

What really gets me is the reason: "Prominent members of Liverpool’s Chinese community said a turf war over cockle picking was behind the violent brawl." Cockle picking? Is there that much money to be made in cockles?

I'm assuming they mean the mollusk, here, and seafood is a pretty big market, so maybe so.

* * *

10% ethanol is more than enough. This is an article with horror stories of what happened to people who had gasoline with too much ethanol in it.

The interesting bit here is that automotive fuel systems are supposed to be able to handle ethanol. Most automobiles can't use methanol--methyl alcohol--but can use ethanol (ethyl alcohol) without damage. The notion that higher concentrations of ethyl alcohol in gasoline can cause fuel system damage is news to me. Gasoline is, after all, itself a pretty severe solvent.

Still, in the event that I have a fuel pump failure due to this issue I can do the work myself, so it shouldn't cost me any $900 to fix it. I just hope I don't have to, because every car I own has an in-tank fuel pump and they are a royal pain in the ass to replace.

Well, that's not entirely so, now that I think of it. With the Escort you don't have to drop the fuel tank; you just take the rear seat out and you can swap the fuel pump, no problem. But the Fiero, the Jeep--urgh.

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