atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1570: BTW, Indy 500

I was shocked when they listened in on Castroneves' radio. It wasn't Danica! Patrick! for a change.

I'm not kidding; every other time they listened to radio communications it was DP. I mean literally every other time.

I am so damn glad she didn't win today. She came close--third place--but she didn't win. Because if she ever does win the Indy 500, the media coverage will be completely insufferable.

I noticed something: she complained about another driver--the one leading her--at least twice on restarts. The second time she did it--the second time we were told about it, anyway--the other driver was told to drop behind her by race officials. What the hell was that about?

Is this a sneaky way to pass someone she couldn't pass? Do all drivers do this? Complaining about the conduct of other drivers during restarts doesn't sound very sportsmanlike ("-womanlike"?) to me, and I have never before heard of anyone lodging complaints against other drivers during the race.

I have no idea if she's even won another race besides the one she had under her belt this time last year. As far as I know her career record stands at one win; some guy named Daniel Patrick with the same record would be considered an utterly unremarkable driver.

And it's not because she's a woman. There have been plenty of other women who drove in the 500 (and in Indycar in general) and they don't get the coverage DP does. Some say this is because DP is the first woman driver who has the potential to win, but I don't see that reflected in her performance, and I think this impression is provided mainly by good marketing and careful selection of sponsors. She's got a first-class team behind her, which is only possible because of the deep pockets of her sponsors; if Sara Fisher had that kind of support she'd be just as competitive as DP is. (Sara Fisher placed 17th this year. Last year she got wrecked out of the race, after financing her own efforts. This year she's sponsored by Dollar General, which is something, at least...but it's not any Motorola.)

Anyway, this year I spared myself as much of the DP hype as I could by not watching the pre-race show, and by muting the sound whenever they started in with her radio communications or what-the-hell-ever. I found that it was better for my blood pressure that way.

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