atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1574: I have only just noticed this.

AF #1337 is about me deciding which laptop to buy.

1337, which is munchkin-speak for "leet", which means "elite", as in "elite hacker". (eg "1337 h4><0r".)

I think it's amusing that a post that was entirely about buying a new computer was number 1337.

So now I will present that entry in leet-speak:
#1337: 7im3 2 m7k3 4 d3ci5i0n.

U C, 7h3 l4pt0p phund h45 n0w r34ch3d 7h3 l3\/3l I w45 5h007ing 4, & 45 i7 7urnz 0u7 Be57 B|_|y h45 4 54l3 0n 7h3 3><4ct D3ll l4p70p I w4n73d 2 buy: 7h3 In5pir0n 1525. Th3ir 53lling 7h3 7hing 4 $500, which i5 4b0ut wh47 I w4n73d 2 p4y 4 it. 0 L0rd. know, I think I made my point. I'm going to stop that before my brain implodes.

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