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#1576: At least blend your curves!

I'm talking about the graph in this new solar maximum prediction from NASA. Notice how the "observed" curve and the "predicted" curve don't match where they connect? If a vehicle were following that path it would have to make an abrupt, right-angle turn without slowing down.

To put it bluntly, a natural system is unlikely to exhibit such behavior. Particularly when it is something as massive as the sun. What I am saying, here, is that their prediction of a solar maximum around 2013 seems optimistic to me: if the sun were about to follow the projected curve it would be showing signs of increasing its activity, and at the moment it really isn't. That projection really ought to start sometime in the middle of 2010.

* * *

This is rich: a communist thug decries former Vice-President Dick Cheney's defense of enhanced interrogation techniques. (I'm not going to call it "torture", not even for shorthand.)

Castro is a dictator, and his regime oversaw the liquidation of people by the thousands. Castro was Che Guevara's buddy, and Guevara's exploits after the "revolution" in Cuba are well-known enough that I don't have to describe his murderous nature to Fungus readers. People who were under Castro's thumb in post-"revolution" Cuba--people who had to look to Che fricking Guevara for mercy!--would have thought waterboarding a vacation from the kind of shit the communists perpetrated.

<* * *>

Looks like we're due for some inflation. Oh, spiffy: "U.S. Inflation to Approach Zimbabwe Level".

Wouldn't that be lovely? On the plus side, perhaps I'll then be able to pay off my student loans...with one paycheck.

Nah, they'll raise interest rates too, and I'll be paying 20,000,000% interest on it, so I'll still owe the same amount, adjusted for inflation.

* * *

Don Feder asks, If it's a religion of peace, why do they have to keep reminding us?

Meanwhile they are blowing each other up, too. This happened in Iran; the last sentence of the article says, "A government minister later said the blast was the result of sabotage and said the suspects had links with Western countries."

It simply cannot be possible that there is internecine violence in the "religion of peace"! I mean, it's so peaceful!

* * *


* * *

George Will has written an article accusing the Obama administration of corruption. Actually the phrase he uses is "tincture of lawlessness" but come on, corruption is corruption.

Michelle Malkin is on it, too.

* * *

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." Emphasis mine.

San Diego County seems to have missed that memo.

* * *

Dennis the Peasant discusses Obama's energy secretary's dumb idea to paint roofs white to combat global warming.

The last sentence is what made me link it: "I love the fact that Plummer considers the refitting of 30 billion square feet of commercial roofing to be easy and pain-free." "Plummer" refers to one Bradford Plummer, who is apparently an who apparently has never worked on a roof in his life.

Speaking as a guy who helped a friend and his family strip the old shingles from their roof one summer, I can say this is not an easily-accomplished job, and there are reasons why contractors charge a lot to do it.

* * *

We can only hope department: "Obama says health care a must this year--or never". That would be wonderful, if we could dodge the "socialized medicine" bullet. Please, please, please let it be so.

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