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#1579: Global warming: June frost in Utica

We're all screwed. That's right: the climate is truly out of control, and we are all going to die because of global warming. There is no stopping it now.


In fact the article cites historical weather data that indicates a frost this late in the year is not unprecedented. It's called weather, you know?

* * *

Religious nuts are wrong 155 times, they get laughed at. These people need to change their tune, and to start predicting man-made ecological disasters. Eco-nazis are proven wrong time and again yet everyone takes them seriously.

* * *

Speaking of eco-nazis, today we got a mailer from an organization called "Defenders of Wildlife". It has, of course, a Washington, D.C. return address. Above the address label it says, "Show your support for wolves with thie FREE 'gray wolf' windbreaker."

Sure. Send me one, guys.

Oh, you mean I have to make a donation in order to get it? That doesn't exactly fit the definition of "free", you know.

What really gets me is what's on the back. The mailer contains a pen and there's a window through the cardboard showing the pen. (It's green. Naturally.) There is a picture of a wolf, looking all cute, and a big red cross-hair over it. In red text between wolf and pen it says:
Stop Sarah Palin's cruel slaughter of wolf pups with two strokes of your pen.
"Sarah Palin"?

Then below it, in yellow, "Adoption Certificate and FREE Pen enclosed!" Now, the pen, that is actually free, because we didn't have to send them any money to get it. They just sent us the pen because research shows most people in flyover country don't own pens as they're too stupid to know how to write people will like you better if you give them stuff. (Even cheap stuff, made in China, that probably costs about $0.05 per unit with shipping.)

I am expecting that the people from this idiot organization don't understand why "Sarah Palin" is personally going out into the Alaskan wilds and slaughtering wolf puppies in their dens, armed with nothing but a Bowie knife, wearing a wolf-puppy-fur bikini. Sarah Palin is doing this because she lives in a state with a lot of wilderness and wolves generally make a lot of trouble for humans. The wolf population has to be maintained at a certain level; you can't let wolves just breed and breed and breed until there are so many wolves that rich liberals are inconvenienced.

Far from being endangered, the wolf population is thriving. This causes problems for people in rural areas who want to live. (Wolves do attack people, you know.)

Of course this is a good thing for us Republicans. Even though she was the VP half of a losing ticket last year, Sarah Palin scares the everliving shit out of liberals. That's why this group of bedwetters is using her name for their donation drive; Sarah Palin strikes fear into the hearts of liberals because she is the most Presidential politician of the last major election and everyone knows it. (Besides the fact that she still has more executive experience than our sitting President, she's made of hot and can deliver a speech without a teleprompter.)

As for me, the mental image of Sarah Palin going out into the Alaskan wilds in a fur bikini and fighting wolves is enough to keep me warm at night. Certainly I think she's capable of it. WTF, she's got more awesome in her right hand than our sitting President has in his entire body. What would Obama do if confronted with a wolf? Try to talk it to death? Probably.

* * *

So apparently Air France has lost an airplane. The airplane in question--an AirBus A330--was four years old. Right now they're all thinking "lightning strike" but considering how avionics are constructed I have to wonder about that.

I do know that flying into a thunderstorm is almost never a very good idea even if you're in a modern jumbo. God knows what the pilot did or why, but most pilots try to limit the amount of turbulence their passengers have to put up with, and you can get bad turbulence in a thunderstorm. On the other hand, though, apparently the line of thunderstorms extended for quite a distance on either side of the plane's course, prohibitively far: he may have had no choice but to fly through it.

For all that we can do, and for all the routine that international air travel has become, shit still happens. You can't escape that.

* * *

So, George Tiller--"Tiller the Killer"--was shot dead by a psychopath on Sunday. Tiller was an abortionist, one who had been under investigation by the Kansas Attorney General for being, generally, a skunk about how he practiced his vocation. Which was, primarily, committing abortions.

Here's the deal: I wanted the guy sent to jail for his crimes. The crazy who killed him is clearly not "pro-life" if he goes around shooting people who disagree with him. The killer in question--Tiller's killer, I mean--has more in common with muslim terrorists than he does with any pro-life organization.

My Way News article on it.

Michelle Malkin's blog post on the story.

* * *

And expect this story about a shooting at a military recruiting center to receive no mention whatsoever. We won't get a detailed bio of the shooter, nor will we learn what organizations he belonged to, nor will we ever find out how he obtained his firearm.

The opposite will be true in the Tiller murder, of course.

This comment gets it dead-on:
This is the result of left wing terrorism brought about by left wing hate sites such as Daily Kos, Huffpo, DU, MoveOn, Firedoglake, SadlyNo and left wing cable haters like Kieth Olbermann , Chris Matthews and Jack Cafferty and others. It’s time something was done about these people. Isn’t that the way the drill goes via the lefty template?
Yep. That is exactly so.

* * *

Vox Day: "...the Federal Reserve has loaned out 7.8 trillion dollars without telling anyone where it has gone." I think I'm going to go sit in the corner and suck my thumb--this is incredible.

That little deal where the dollar is actually worth anything at all? Yeah, that's just about over, everyone. The smart money is buying precious metals these days.

* * *

P.J. O'Rourke on cars. What a nice read.

* * *

As I have said a few times, now, I want a new video card for this computer, so I can run World of Warcraft in a resolution native to my monitor without seeing the frame rate fall to something I can count as it happens.

Pixy Misa has a Radeon 4850 and I have to wonder if that would do me.

Since he's complaining about a problem perhaps that's not the card/chipset to go looking for, but a quick gander at shows Radeon 4850 cards in the $100 range, which would be spiffy.

I'm willing to take a risk on a $100 video card. I am not willing to take a risk on a $250 video card.

The idea that the card that came with this system is a cheap one does not surprise; this system was one of the cheapest on Gateway's site in February 2007. (About $670; I paid extra for a sound card.) What does surprise me is that it is "good enough" to run WoW even at a higher resolution than the default (1024x768) without chunking too badly. In fact, it only really starts coughing up blood when the program demands fog effects, such as when there's a hard rain wherever I'm running around--and it did that at 1024x768, so no biggie.

But whatever video card I buy will have to have some kind of TV output, as I wish to be able to watch anime digisubs on the TV. HDMI won't do, except as an option, because I don't have anything with HDMI inputs.

I guess this means I ought to start researching video cards. *sigh*

* * *

Yesterday I put a battery into the jalopy and she fired right up. She smoked a bit and I had to adjust the gap on the new #4 plug, but started and ran and moved under her own power. Next step is license plate and insurance; and then I'll be driving the red car to work again.

Gas is $2.70 per gallon here. That's one reason. Another reason: I want to drive it so the neighbors see it moving around. I don't want people thinking that my red car is unusable and calling code enforcement on me.

And I just want to drive it.

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