atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1580: Well, that certainly didn't take long.

I bought a new video card today:

Image shamelessly lifted from, which has nothing to do with Atomic Fungus whatsoever.

It's a Visiontek Radeon HD 4850. I got it from Best Buy at a clearance price, about $50 off their regular price of $200. It's got 512 MB of DDR3 VRAM--that's as much memory as the old P3 had for main memory--and it simply screams.

World of Warcraft looks simply gorgeous now and gives me 60 fps at 1680x1050. That's twice the frame rate of the old card!

So I ran the "Windows experience" thingy, and now my computer's processor is the limiting factor. This means that the new video card can throw stuff onto the screen faster than the CPU can generate it.


I had originally intended just to look at Best Buy, but the card was a good deal and it was exactly what I wanted for about what I had expected/hoped to pay for it.

The only problem is that if I enable the TV output I can't run the main monitor in 1680x1050. I'm going to have to fool around with drivers and such to see if I can't fix that; but having to rearrange the icons to watch anime isn't all that huge a problem, especially since I'm playing more WoW lately than I am watching anime anyway.

Worst case: get a flat panel TV with HDMI input. Heh.

* * *

Luggage made out of cocaine is remarkably similar to a plot point in the movie Running Scared, in which drug dealers were moving cocaine by casting it into religious icons.

* * *

Ford Motor Company--which refused government funds and which is doing its best to avoid bankruptcy--is worried about "Government Motors".

Well, if you're competing against a corporation which is mostly owned by the government, might that not cause trouble?

If we look at the example provided by UPS, though, I have to wonder. UPS reliably delivers packages, usually faster than the United States Postal Service can. Certainly they do it cheaper and more efficiently.

* * *

Remember that story about the guy who shot up the recruiting station? Check out the guy's name: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad.

Color me surprised.

* * *

BTW, what color would that be, anyway?

* * *

My girlfriend is of the opinion that a new video card isn't much "fun", considering that it was largely financed by the generous birthday donations of family members. Me, I'm all over it, because WoW is "fun" and I got the card primarily to enhance my WoW experience.

I guess that'll do.

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