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#1584: $2,500, we are told.

Tata says it'll cost $2,500 here. The story is not linked to the slideshow but that's what I've been hearing: $2,500 for a fully-compliant US market car.

...I'm tempted to start saving my pennies. That would be fun. Take that sucker and turbocharge it....

* * *

This post from ET (of the Gunblogger Conspiracy!) has bad words in it, and it refers to the idiotic piece from Playboy about raping conservative women.

A liberal asshat defended the article, saying that the conservative women "had it coming".

Hate much?

* * *

Steven Den Beste and The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, both comment on the same thing: the mainstream media's hagiographic coverage of Barack Hussein Obama.

Behaviors and policies which would have--which did--send the press scrambling to report how awful the previous administration was receive absolutely no negative coverage whatsoever when coming from the current administration. Intensive interrogation techiques? Evil when Bush was President; fine now that Obama's there. Keeping prisoners of war at Gitmo? Bush was a skunk for doing it; Obama's adhering to a principled policy of preventing further terrorism.

The idea that Obama is anything like a god whatsoever is nauseating. These people would have scoffed loudly at the barest hint of a suggestion that Bush was godlike, yet we are expected to uncritically accept their assertion that Obama is somehow more than human?

Jesus Christ.

So the press has got its kneepads and Chapstick on--perhaps they could use this not-safe-for-work product--and they're going to let Obama do whatever the hell he wants to without so much as a single critical glance in his direction.

So, the next time the press starts bloviating about how they're the "fourth estate" and how their job is to keep an eye on our government to ensure it remains honest, just remember this bullshit. Remember it, because our press is shit.

* * *

And then everyone gets upset because Fox News is doing so well. *sigh* And they're only better by degree....

* * *

Holly is rarely safe for work and that post is no exception, but she touches--at the end--on an interesting point that I wanted to discuss.

She talks about a piece by Naomi Wolf--the one who advised Al Gore to wear earth tones and be an "alpha male"--who discusses the problems with pornography and how it damages the male-female relationship.

It's hogwash; but she goes on to discuss the way Orthodox Jewish women wrap their heads so that only their husbands may see their hair: "She must feel," thought Naomi Wolf, "so hot."

Holly's response is that such things deny a woman's identity, and I can't agree more. What gets me, though, is why is a "feminist" like Naomi Wolf defending that kind of thing?

* * *

Having gotten annoyed with the total non-online-ness of most of the members of Amaleni's former guild, I quit that guild and got Amaleni an invite to the guild that Gunbunnysmit is in, which is a much more active guild with many more members.

Amaleni is now 39th level, too. So one more level and she'll be 40th. Wow. So to speak.

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