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#1588: Pitch Black [nz]

...why does it take me so long to figure out the bleeding obvious?

If you like a few songs by a band, wherever possible buy the album the songs are on.

A couple weeks ago I decided I had a hankering for more of the music I like--"ambient electronica" seems the best label for it--and went to Amazon to buy some DL-able tuneage.

I ended up getting the entirety of Phutureprimitive's Sub Conscious. Approximately 4 years ago I digitized the tracks "Rite of Passage" and "Darkness" from a Musical Starstreams broadcast but it simply did not occur to me--until late May, 2009--that I could download the entire freaking album for around $9 and a few minutes of my time from the very same site that I got all the Bluetech that friends at work raved about.

I also gave thought to buying Pitch Black [nz]'s "Ape to Angel", for the same reason--two tracks from that I digitzed ages ago--but ended up buying just one track, a new one, "Empty Spaces Missing Units", which is made of awesome.

There are several good reasons to buy the MP3s. Even though I have more-or-less legal copies of these songs, the sound quality is not all it could be. For one thing, radio stations tend to compress the dynamic range of the music in order to make it sound better; for another thing, they usually have less-than-flat equalizations of their preamps, again to make it sound better when you're listening to it in your car. And besides, it was all broadcast in analog, and even FM is noisy. The frequency response of FM radio is about that of cassette tape--about 14 kilohertz.

In other words, what you hear is not really what the artist intended for you to hear.

Besides, I want these people to continue to make music, damn it. Buying MP3s ensures that they get more of my money than they would get if I bought CDs. (I'm pretty sure, anyway.)

So I'm going to continue to remind myself to check out and listen to audio samples of stuff from bands I know I like, because that's how I discovered "Empty Spaces Missing Units": I listened to the sample audio from songs from "Ape to Angel".

What's so great about the music? If you don't like it, I can't explain it to you; to quote Heinlein, I'd rather try to explain to someone who detests sharp cheeses why he "ought to like" limburger.

An example: starting about 2:15 into "Darkness", Phutureprimitive does this thing where the lead is one note, played in a rhythm, with a band-pass filter changing the timbre of the note. The change in timbre takes the place of a change in tone; it's complex and different and it rocks. The actual tune may be simple--and usually is--but the music has, for lack of a better term, texture. That's what I like.

...since track two of the album is awesome (and track one is really good) it should not have taken too great a stretch of the imagination to conclude that other tracks might be good, too. And having listened to the rest of the album I can say that this way of thinking stood me in good stead: it's good. $9 well spent.

* * *

"Welcome Back, Carter", says Ann Coulter.

I have seen a tee shirt with this slogan on it.

* * *

So F-22 'Raptors' have been deployed to Japan in response to the Gargoyle's saber-rattling. North Korea has threatened to flatten Japan if there's any kind of attack on N-K from Japan.


Show these buttplugs any weakness--like, say, electing Carter 2.0--and this is what happens.

* * *

If we ever get antigravity, Ferrari is ready. Better map out a racetrack that spans the continent for this little beauty.

* * *

Legendary stink. Not just "legendary" but "epic". Pretty sure this would be a purple or orange alchemical substance in WoW. ("Purple" and "orange" referring to the color of the item text, I mean, which denotes its ultra-rare and ultra-powerful status.)

* * *

Track 6, "Hyper-Sence", also extra-cool.

* * *

Can't argue with this headline: "GM Reminds Investors Its Stock's Completely Worthless". It was $0.75 per share last week; this week I guess it's $1.50 per share.

* * *

How the hell did I end up here? Oh, Og sent me. That's right.

This post is chock-full of coarse language, but it's so on-target that laser guidance would not improve its CEP.

* * *

...I don't know what I'm doing out of bed. I slept a lot yesterday, played WoW again all night--WTF. I tried going to bed around 3 AM but couldn't sleep. *sigh*

It's already Thursday, dang it.

It rained last night; no cutting grass today.

Guess I might as well try sleeping again.

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