atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1593: This is why potholes are bad.

I hit one last Tuesday morning on my way home from work. The tire had immediately begun to make a drumming noise; this morning I finally got around to taking the wheel off. This is what greeted me:


I want you to understand what you are seeing here. You're seeing the result of several blown belts; the sidewall of the tire is bulged outward approximately an inch from where it should be.

...and I drove over 55 MPH on that tire. Yikes x 2. It's a minor miracle that the thing didn't just blow out; it could have gone just about any time.

Anyway, thanks to the fact that I saved the wheels and tires from the green car, I was able to throw another tire on. Problem: the sizes don't match. I think the diameters are the same; it's just the width that's wrong.

Worst case, throw that tire on the rear. But I'm going to need at least one new tire, and I won't replace just one, so I'll need two new tires. *sigh*

Fortunately they don't have to be name-brand tires; they can be no-name cheapies. It is, after all, a jalopy.

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