atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1597: Obama is unhappy with Fox News

"Fox News is being mean to me!"

Oh, poor, poor Obama. My heart just bleeds for the man. /sarcasm

* * *

Prominent Democrat is "sure" that ABC will let the Republicans have their say. Why on Earth would they start now?

The big socialized medicine propaganda special that ABC is planning to foist upon us on the 24th is not going to air any serious criticism of the President's plan. Count on it; I would wager that the Obama administration made that a condition: "This is what we want to do, but we insist on approving all questions beforehand. If you can't do that, we can find someone else."

* * *

Despite the fawning of the press, the American people are not all fooled. It's an NYT article and it carries Obama's water by talking about "problems he inherited". Well, okay, he's been in office for five months. In a year or so the "this isn't my fault; I inherited this problem!" excuse won't work any longer. (Even if the press does try to force it on us.)

* * *

"As surely as a dog returns to his own vomit, so doth the fool to his folly." (More or less. I don't know the quote all that well.) So California's economy is in the shitter and tax revenue is right there with it. Democrat response: raise taxes!

Sure! Because, you know, when a person is in the ER with a case of strychnine poisoning, the best thing to do is feed him more rat poison!


* * *

Democrats use sneaky tricks to end debate. They moved to protect Nancy Pelosi's wrinkled hiney from an investigation.

* * *

Ha! Ha ha! The last line: "Enjoy never getting laid again"--the author of that site is giving credit where none is due. Do you honestly think that an adult with a Harry Potter tattoo ever got laid? Ever?

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