atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#160: Another reason I rule.

Today I took the engine out of the green '95 Escort.

I started this project at 10 AM with an Escort which was mostly whole. Returning readers will recall that I had removed the alternator and the power steering pump when I was fixing the red '95 Escort to make it roadworthy again. Other than the power steering lines, every other tube and wire which connects drivetrain to chassis was still connected.

I broke only one connector and one tube while removing the engine. That's pretty good for any engine removal project, let me tell you, unless you've done a billion of them. Considering that this was only my second engine removal, I think I did a pretty good job.

And in six hours!

I took a little time for lunch, and I needed to go buy a broom handle. When you pull both axles out of the transmission, you need to put chunks of broom handle into the side gears. The differential in the transmission is an open differential--so "open" in fact that the side gears will just fall out if both CV axles are removed--and I didn't have anything which could serve that purpose. A trip to Ace Hardware and $3.18 later, I used a chain saw to cut the damn broom handle to the lengths I needed. Heh.

The engine and transmission are now sitting on a furniture dolly in the garage. I need to pull a few more parts off the green car before I send her to the junkyard.

I am too sentimental. It makes me feel sad to do all this to my loyal Ryo-chan, the Little Car which Could. She and I had many adventures in our ten-year association, and she never never EVER failed to start for me. EVER! Even when the high temperature was -3°F! Even when Dad left the headlights on and the car was sitting in the street, she cranked slow, and took a while to catch, but she started for me. She out-accelerated a BMW 318i and cornered like a cat, and she handled the snow like a rally cup car.

I spent my day pulling her heart out. And I'm proud I did it in six hours. But this way, my Ryo-chan will live on!

I am definitely too sentimental.

In practical terms, though, it makes perfect sense. The red car's engine leaks and consumes oil. It may not pass the emissions tests. The drivetrain from the green car is still very good; it handily passed the emissions tests and I know its service history.

I took the valve cover off, once, out of curiosity. It was so clean you could eat off it. (Well, if you wanted motor oil flavoring in your food....)

So, that's how it goes. The green car--Ryo-chan--was beyond economical repair. I can use her parts to make another Escort run like new.

I still have things to remove, as I said above. The rear struts and springs have around 20,000 miles on them; I'm not sending them to the junkyard. I'll pull the ones off the red car and send THOSE to the junkyard. That'll require an alignment on the red car when I've got the newer ones in.

There are some interior parts I'm going to be pulling out, too. And out of sentimalality or something I'm taking the instrument cluster. The center console has some bits I need, and I'm thinking of yanking out the seat belt system, too, just in case I need those.

I might take the rear hatch. In late 2005, about a month before the green car was totaled, a tree branch fell on the car and shattered the window. It cost $300 to replace, and the tree branch became my "$300 Christmas fire". I may keep that; or maybe not.

So, there we go. 6 hours to remove an engine from a car. Not bad; and that's another reason I RULE!!!

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