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#1600: Nothing evokes any enthusiasm

There were several articles lined up in the browser's tab bar, and I closed 'em all. There was nothing new there.

Example: a woman who died during an abortion is a non-issue to the American press. Reason: there can not be any downside of abortion-on-demand shown to the public; some women might decide not to have abortions because the risk isn't worth it, and if women realize they don't need abortion-on-demand God knows what else they might decide they don't need.

Example: Iranian politicians have no trouble at all seeing that Obama is an empty suit. One reason is his attempt to vote "present" on everything.

Example: unemployment is at a 25-year high. Particularly in Democrat-run states with high taxes.

None of this is surprising. None of it is new. None of it is interesting because I've already commented--time and again!--about it.

Perhaps if this blog were called Shouting at the Wind--you can use that title if you like, just give me credit for the name--perhaps if I enjoyed repeating myself ad nauseum, maybe then I'd go ahead and write out full discussions of these issues yet again. But none of that is true.

* * *

I've been playing a lot of WoW--what else is new?--and all of it has been with Amaleni, my 51st level warlock. (Yes, 51st level, a scant 38 days after her creation on May 12.)

The warlock character class is, so far, the best match for my playing style. The survivability is pretty decent; several times I found myself going up against a mob of monsters and surviving even though my minion got killed and I'd run out of mana. For the other characters I've played a bad pull meant certain death, but with this one, sometimes I can survive when my battle plan goes to shit.

We'll see how I do once I get up into the higher levels. I seem to run out of interest in a character about the time the quests pick up in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. I don't know what it is; I just stop caring, and I'm not sure why. But it keeps me from getting much beyond level 62 or so.

* * *

The header says "$350" but the text says "$3500". $3500 would mean this guy has been smoking the whackity crackity:

Asking price: $3,500 for all.

That car isn't worth $350 like that, even if it does run.

(This Craigslist ad is likely to disappear in a relatively short time.)

A complete Fiero with a good engine and transmission that has no paint or body issues is worth a few thousand dollars, depending on condition.

Just to put it in perspective, I paid $2,500 for my 1985 Fiero which was garage-kept, extra clean, and had only 48,000 miles on it. The more desirable versions of the cars are worth more. (Fastback models, for example, and all the '88, particularly the GTs and Formulas.)

But a partially-stripped '86 notchback with a 4-cylinder engine? I'd insist on a thorough inspection of the engine before I gave that guy $200 for it.

And then after I posted it to the Fiero Forum, someone commented that that car isn't worth $50. Heh.

* * *

On the plus side, that led me to post an ad on Craigslist for my '86 parts/project car. *sigh* Well, it needs to go, so 'twere best done quickly.

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