atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1604: Carter 2.0

Krauthammer says it all.

We have a unique opportunity here to strike a blow against the very regime which took our embassy hostage in 1979. We would not have to fire a single round of ammunition; we wouldn't even have to load our guns. All we need is for our President to issue a ringing condemnation of the course which Iran's political leaders are taking to attempt to quell the post-"election" riots. All we need is for Obama to stand up and say, "What you are doing to your people is not right; you must stop this. We support your peoples' quest for freedom."

Instead he is doing his damndest to keep the regime in power. He's legitimizing it at every step, and only political expediency drove his mildly harsh comments this past weekend: he knows that not saying anything more than the bland pap he emitted previously will lose him points in the approval polls.

From here it looks as if Obama is on the side of Ahmadinejad and the mullahs, not freedom and human rights.

What is happening in Iran right now has nothing to do with American foreign policy; it's not happening because of American interference in the middle east nor is it happening because we support Israel. (Nor the war in Iraq!) It's happening because the people of Iran have finally had enough of the totalitarian thugs. It is not--it is never--"meddling" when an American President speaks out in favor of freedom and human rights.

George W. Bush would have told the people of Iran, "Win freedom! Win, and we'll help you however we can!" But this mealy-mouthed politican Obama sits on his hands and tries to equivocate, to stand on both sides of the issue so that when there is a resolution he can take political advantage of it. His own desires take precedence over the freedom of millions, and he will gladly exhange the lives of many for the advancement of his own goals.

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