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#1606: What happened to "freedom of expression"?

Apparently that's only a defense when you're burning an American flag. Yeah. Burn an American flag and you're an edgy, anti-establishment rebel.

Burn the Mexican flag and you're a "terrorist".

* * *

So, Google makes a big deal about how "green" they are. This article demonstrates perfectly why solar power is not useful for the large-scale generation of power.

Google has this massive solar array which they tell us can run five-odd thousand coffeemakers for one hour. The article attests, however, that this array could run Google's server farm for--at best--one minute.

A coffeemaker requires enough electricity that the solar array needed to power it costs $1,500. That is not exactly "cost-effective".

* * *

You know the brouhaha about Perez Hilton getting beaten up by the road manager of some pop group? (Black Eyed Peas, I think.) I think it's fricking hilarious.

Okay, it's never right to beat people up, this is true, and the manager in question did the right thing by turning himself in to the police. But damn it, from the reports I've read, Hilton was acting like an utter douchebag (just being himself!) and no man has infinite patience. Here's a hint, moron: if you're going to build your career on forcing your way in, getting in peoples' faces, and reporting gossip, occasionally you are going to get your ass kicked because you are behaving like an asshole. If you can't handle that, find a new job. Learn Tae Kwon Do. Something.

Crying and running away just makes it obvious to everyone how much of a pussy you are.

* * *

"The shot heard 'round the world"? I had to close the page because the damn thing kept refreshing itself, and the junk on the page slowed my browser to a crawl--every thirty stinking seconds--but the gist of the article is that Neda's murder may end up changing the way the Obama administration deals with Iran.

Obama is stubbornly clinging to his desire to "talk" to Iran. Now, whether that is because he hopes Amahdinejad wins out, or what, I don't know. What I do know is that Obama's reluctance to "embrace change" is helping the mullahs and the thugs and the dictators in Iran to hold on to power.

Regardless, though, the Obama administration is already trying to take credit for the pro-democracy movement in Iran, as I predicted. (Predicting the tides would have been more difficult for me to accomplish.)

Another take on Iran and Obama. This one features a popover ad that will not close. I had to cut-and-paste the text to Notepad in order to read the opening paragraphs; you may fare better.

Eternity Road on the subject.

* * *

University of California implements racism as official policy. The last thing the university wants is students who, y'know, are there to learn. Asians are "boring" because all they do is "study, study, study". So the university system is implementing admissions changes to limit the number of asians they admit to the shcool.

First off, the idea that all asians do is "study, study, study" is racist. If I said "all black people love fried chicken and watermelon" people would rightly call me a racist. If I said that hispanics were "all ignorant illegal aliens", people would rightly call me a racist. So why is it all right for this (unnamed) official to say that asians are all greasy grinds?

* * *

This unmanned mission was launched a few days ago and I was surprised that it was on-station so soon, though I should not have been. It only takes about three days to cross the 250,000 mile distance from Earth to moon.

I'm so used to NASA sending stuff to Mars and Jupiter and such that I've gotten into a mode where I listen to the launch report, nod, and forget about it until the probe is on-station--and in the case of other planets that takes years. The moon's a hell of a lot closer.

* * *

I guess I am not going to get a Kindle any time soon. I'm not rewarding this kind of bullshit. DRM hurts the honest customer, not the pirates. This has been obvious to me since the earliest days of DVD and it is no less true now.

The follow-up article (link at the bottom of the article I linked to) makes the issue even more confusing. I think I'll wait a few more years before buying an e-book.

* * *

So now it's time for the "Midsummer festival" in WoW, and I've managed to get most of 54th level just by running quests related to the event.

Honoring the flames of each world zone in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, plus running a couple other related quests, has gotten me to like 96% of the next level. It also got me the "Flame Warden" achievments for those continents. In the bargain I finished off exploring some zones which needed only 1 or 2 areas uncovered to be complete, so I racked up quite a few "exploration" achiements yesterday, too.

When I "honor the flame" I get 3,800 XP and 40 silver. (I'm positive the XP reward scales with character level.) And there are something like 24 or so flames to honor in EK and Kalimdor combined, so it comes to quite a nice packet of XP that requires only running around--no combat--to obtain.

There's a unique vanity pet one can get from this festival, and I'm trying to get one of those. We'll see if I make it.

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