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#1611: Okay, IE8 is crap

I just tried looking at a TV streaming web site. The site popped up a banner saying it preferred IE, so I ran IE and fed it the URL.

It worked well enough. Until I'd decided I'd seen enough and wanted to exit IE. Click the close gadget, get a message saying more than one tab was open...fine, I don't care, close anyway.



Click close gadget again; nothing.

Finally the screen greyed out and I got the "[program] is not responding" dialogue.

WTF, Microsoft! IE is your browser and I am running it under your operating system--your latest operating system, with all the current patches!--and I get stupid crashes at exit? Did you assholes even check this shit before releasing it?

* * *

This station wagon is remarkably similar to one my parents once owned.

I remember the day Dad brought it home. My sisters were babysitting my brother and I, and we were playing in the front yard when this car I'd never seen before turned into the driveway. Wow! Were we supposed to have company today?

It was yellow--about the shade the car in that link once was--and it had the 400 cubic inch motor in it. The rear window glass actually retracted into the tailgate. There was a flip-up jump seat in the back.

I don't remember when we got rid of it; only that we had some bad snow and it got stuck, and Dad rocked it out of the snow...and then it developed a rod knock, so he got rid of it. I don't remember what year that was.

* * *

Last night I was thinking about random things and recalled a sound bite I had digitized years ago.

In early 1983 some friends and I were messing around with a tape recorder, just being teenaged morons, and the result was about forty minutes of audio insanity. Juvenile audio insanity. For some reason I was home alone, and my parents trusted me to have a couple of friends over, so my friends and I screwed around with the tape recorder. And I never taped over the thing; so I was able to digitize some choice moments.

(This was before Nintendo. Years before. At the time, the Atari 2600 was years old and no new console had come out. We had a few games for the C-64 but we were bored with them.)

So here's a lame transcriptio of the audio:

Jim: [flatulent noises, building to a crescendo] AAARGH!
Marcus: [helpless laughter]
Jim: Hrrg! [flatulence] AAUGGHH!
Marcus: [helpless laughter]

You can almost hear me in there somewhere, also engaging in helpless laughter, but Marcus was a lot closer to the microphone than I was. Jim threw everything he had into those screams and he was a natural comedian; you couldn't help laughing. So here I am, 26 years later, and even though I realize how amazingly juvenile it is--even though I don't find flatulence funny--it still cracks me up to the point of tears.

* * *

One week after I was toiling in the heat and humidity to get the '86 ready to be taken away by a new owner, it's a nice pleasant day outside, so pleasant that we've got the windows open. *sigh*

So I'm sitting here waiting for the guy to come by and look at the car. If everything had gone as planned--what ever does?--he would have been picking up the car this weekend. Argh etc. Having made the emotional leap required for getting rid of the thing, I now want it gone ASAP so I can get on with my other projects.

It develops that the MGB--properly tuned, licensed, insured, and street-legal--is worth around $5,000, and as I've made the emotional leap necessary to sell that car, it's now the next big project. This one's going to take some doing, though.

Illinois law states that cars in certain areas of the state have to be smogged every so often. If you can't smog the car, it's not street-legal. But since the MGB has languished in the garage for several years, I can't get it smogged. Here's my quandary: I can't get the car street-legal without getting it smogged, but I can't get it smogged unless it's street-legal.

I know that there must be a way around this problem; discovering the solution is just a matter of my going to the police station and asking, "WTF do I do?" But all of that can wait until I've gotten the car running and tuned up, and I can't really do that until the hulk of the '86 is out of the driveway.

* * *

For the first time since I started working at Target I'm going to have the 4th of July off. Whee!

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