atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1612: It's gone.

The 1986 Fiero has been sold and it's out of the driveway.

The guy who first contacted me, as I said, was coming by today to look at the thing. So he came by, and went ahead and threw $100 at me, and got a tow truck to take it away, and so there is nothing in the driveway now but a Jeep Cherokee and an Escort.

At least one of my neighbors saw the thing going onto the tow truck.

Anyway, it'll make everyone a lot happier. Me, because I can work on the MGB now; my neighbors, because there won't be a car under a car cover in the driveway any more; and hopefully the guy who bought it will actually be able to get some use out of it. More use than I got.

He says he's got a 3800 V6 and a supercharger for it--whoo, that'll be one fast Fiero when he's done.

So it's all good, IMHO. I feel just a little sad--maybe "wistful" is the right word--but at the same time I'm happy; I was smiling the entire time they were loading the thing on the tow truck, and I'm happy now. The car is gone, to someone who will use it, and I have $100 more than I had at the beginning of the day.

Now I get to start worrying about the MGB. *sigh*

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