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#1613: That's it; we're boned.

Yeah, I didn't mention this earlier even though the bill passed the House on Friday: Cap-and-Tax is going to ruin our economy.

Forget the fact that no similar plan has worked in any other country; this scheme is going to make energy a lot more expensive and it's not going to do squat for reducing "global warming". Regardless of what the United States does, there are still China and India, both of which are developing nations which spew more carbon dioxide than the US does. (China alone does that.)

All we can do is hope that this morphodite stalls in the Senate, because if the Senate passes this thing it'll be law as quickly as Obama can sign the thing.

Meanwhile the number of people skeptical of anthropogenic global warming is increasing. What does this mean? It means that the Cap-and-Tax bill is a solution in search of a problem; what it amounts to in fact is a way for Democrats to take more of our money away from us.

* * *

"An economic train wreck is coming. Its cause is simple and straightforward: the breathtakingly bad monetary and fiscal policy during the past six to nine months - in other words, too much money and too much federal spending."

And you can add "artificially increased energy prices" to that list. We're boned. Thanks, Obama! Thanks, Democrats!

* * *

Vox Day discusses people "walking away" from mortgages. He makes good points here. Banks are upset that some people decide to default on their mortgages rather than struggle to pay the freight, but as Vox Day points out, the banks themselves got bailed out by the Feds. Why should there be one standard for banks and another for people?

* * *

Scipio today has a scathingly accurate description of islam.

* * *

When they tax health benefits to pay for socialized medicine, unions will be exempt. So much for "equality under the law". Everyone booze up and riot.

* * *

Free speech "unfair" says a Democrat.

Why be surprised? Plenty of them think this way: "freedom of speech" should only apply to people who agree with them. People who disagree are therefore "terrorists".


* * *

Not just ABC but NBC is in bed with the Obama administration. Notice how outraged lefties are about Fox News just reporting a more right-centrist view? (And they're not even conservative over there; just more conservative than Pravda NYT CBS NBC ABC CNN!) I don't see any outrage from lefties about ABC and NBC colluding with Obama.

* * *


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