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#1616: To hell with you, Susan!

I had this weird dream this morning.

I got a phone call, and Mom told me it was from "Susan". I had a friend named Susan once; thinking it was her I went out to the kitchen to take the call. (Oddly enough we didn't have a cordless phone so I had to take the call there.)

I greet the caller, and I get a brief diatribe from a woman with an unfamiliar voice, who tells me, "Stop blogging about me!" Then she hangs up before I can ask her what the hell she's talking about--what entry did she mean? And how did she get my number?

So I'm putting you on notice now, Susan: if it becomes blog-worthy I'm going to blog about you and there's not a god-damned thing you can do about it. Ha, ha.

And I've got Caller ID, too.

* * *

So, when George W. Bush was President and gas prices were hitting the stratosphere, everyone (except me) was saying that gas prices were high because Bush was paying off his oil buddies.

Now Obama is in the White House and gas prices are rising. Who is Obama paying off?

And while we're on "Democrat hypocrisy watch", why aren't the Democrats reaching out to Republicans? Of course, the reason is obvious: "bipartisanship" means Republicans bending over backwards to accommodate Democrats.

* * *

I hope and pray that Senator Inhofe is correct when he says that the cap-and-tax bill won't get through the Senate. I really hope so, because it would represent the single largest tax increase in the US in history--bigger even than Clinton's 1993 tax increase, which is the current pole-sitter. (Right behind it? Bush 41's 1991 tax increase. Damned country club Republicans!)

Inhofe also said that there ought to be criminal investigations into that climate change report which was suppressed by the EPA because it didn't follow the Democrat party line vis-a-vis global warming.

In another stunning display of scientific honest--choke cough hack gasp... Okay, I just choked on the ironic voice. Let me try again: In a typical display of scientific dishonesty, news that the polar bear population is on the rise was labeled "extremely unhelpful" to a group which wishes to present to us the idea that global warming is killing polar bears.

The global warmistas can't tell us the truth, because the truth doesn't support their wishes. That's why the EPA report was suppressed; and that's why the Democrats are keen to ram through cap-and-tax just as quickly as they possibly can, particularly while every dumbass on the continent is distracted with the death of Michael Jackson.

And Obama is going to have another totally staged "town meeting" where everything is scripted: all the questions, even the dissenting views. Why? Because socializing medicine is too important to the Democrats to leave it up to the judgement of the voters, that's why.

I want to know, where are all the liberals who decried allegations of this kind of thing when Republicans held the White House? Why aren't they upset at this blatant propagandizing?

* * *

Michelle Malkin opines on another fired inspector general, this time at Amtrack. The Obama administration doesn't appear to like it when someone they don't control has the ability to report wrongdoing to Congress.

Where is the press? Why isn't the "watchdog press" asking the hard questions about the timing of these firings? The same press which was eager to impeach Bush over the non-crime of someone naming Valerie Plame is utterly silent on real and illegal actions by administration officials now that their guy is in the White House.

* * *

Democrats love dictators, part XYZ, this time from Scipio who says he's spent more time in Honduras than Obama has as President.
There is also nothing new or surprising that Obama has taken sides with the anti-American Zelaya. Obama always sides with America haters. He is in fact an America hater himself.
I can't argue the point. From here that charge seems to fit perfectly.

* * *

By the way: those people who are committing suicide because Michael Jackson died? These people are doing us a favor. If you can't live in a world without this or that celebrity we're all a lot better off if you remove yourself from the gene pool. Thank you.

* * *

So> now we're considering a value-added tax. We're not considering it to replace the income tax but in addition to the income tax.

Pretty soon we're all going to be eating ramen and living in cardboard boxes. All of us, that is, except for the politicians.

* * *

Og lives in the same part of the country I live in. He gives an accurate representation of what the weather here is like.

This is why I could go to the Philippines and not melt into a puddle: it gets that hot here in summertime. This is why I could also go to Alaska and not freeze: it gets that cold here in wintertime. (Okay, maybe not quite that cold, but still.)

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