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#1617: Extra tax on home sales!

It's not presented as such, but according to Dick the Democrats' "cap and tax" scheme includes a provision that will require home sellers to bring their homes up to "green" standards set by the federal government before they can sell the house.

So: here we have a very poor housing market (caused by Democrat policies) and now we're going to make people spend money to make their houses "green" before they can be sold!

Dick: "Do you realize how badly that'll fuck over the housing market and individual families? The one that's in the shitter."

It will drive the prices of houses up while driving demand down. If you have to spend $10,000 to make your house "green" before you can sell it, that $10k is a barrier to selling your home. The people who do sell their houses will tack that extra $10k on the price of the house, of course. And what if the market stays flat and people can't sell their houses at the "cap and tax" price? The buyer gets screwed out of whatever cost he can't recoup, that's what.

AND read the comments, particularly the second one.

* * *

I can't decipher greek letters but this is awesome:
Let us suppose that in June of 2008 with the November election upcoming and George W. Bush due to be term limited out of the White House he decides to stage a special election to decide if he should be allowed to be a candidate in the November election. Houston, we have a problem. There’s a little matter of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution which clearly states that “chimpy bushitler mc halliburton” cannot be a candidate in said election. Not to worry. Since various administrations routinely ignore the Constitution, Bush proceeds to stage the special election (which he probably intends to rig anyway) but the supreme court declares the special election to be illegal and orders the military to prevent it by any means; which it proceeds to do.
This is analogous to what is happening in Honduras. I wonder how the liberal defenders of the marxist Zelaya would respond to that analogy?

* * *

Amaleni hit 60th level yesterday, so I set out to get myself the "journeyman" riding skill. This lets you move at 2x of your top speed on foot, and it's nice and fast.

Warlocks don't have to buy the training; they get it as part of their character progression: you do a quest and get the training for free. Well, the journeyman riding skill is a royal PITA to acquire.

So far I've gone all over the world, spent 170 gold, and delved into the Scholomance world dungeon (twice!) in order to get this damn mount, and I still haven't gotten the damn thing yet. I'm 85% of the way to 61st level! Most of the materials I am able to collect or get from my other characters, but I had to buy three black dragon scales (8 GP) and have to buy two elixirs of shadow power (25 GP each).

To be sure, the journeyman riding skill costs 600 GP. I'd pay 480 GP to get it since Amaleni's reputation with Stormwind is "Exalted", but that's still an approximate fuck-ton of money. Even so, this quest is a royal fricking pain in the ass.

Still, I'm about 90% of the way there, so I don't have much farther to go now. But I'm too damn tired to finish it tonight.

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