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#1621: Socializing medicine

Don't want to buy insurance? Buy it anyway.

You see, here is one of the dirty little secrets about the "30 million uninsured": many of those people have consciously chosen not to have health insurance. Because of the laws governing our health care system no one in the United States is unable to get treatment if they need it, whether they can pay for it or not. Young adults in particular can typically get away with not carrying health insurance. ("Advisable"? Not really, IMHO, but some people think otherwise. If you're a healthy 22-year old man, how much health insurance do you need? Most could get by with "catastrophic care" coverage.)

The problem with the Democrat plan is that it won't actually reduce the number of uninsured all that much if people are given a choice. Given a choice, some people will continue not to carry health insurance because they don't think they need it, or because they simply don't want to spend the money on it, preferring to use the money for other things.

The Democrats can't point to socialized medicine and say "we solved this!" if the numbers don't reflect it--what the hell, why should they start worrying about the facts now? They never cared before--so their solution is to force people to buy insurance.

* * *

Priced E85 lately? I'll tell you why it's not selling as well: it no longer saves you any money.

Last year E85 gasoline was $0.50 cheaper per gallon. Now you're lucky to find it for $0.10 less, and the lower energy content of E85 means you burn more to go a mile than with pure gasoline. It ends up costing you more to use E85 than to use gasoline.

* * *

Asian countries don't like some provisions of cap-and-trade. Of course not. Look: if your economy depends on free trade with America--and if your export profits rely on cheap energy in your country--the last thing you want is for America to start charging tariffs based on the carbon "market".

China burns a hell of a lot of coal, enough that they dump more carbon dioxide into the air than we do. Their economy depends on the free flow of goods into (and dollars out of) the United States; if the US puts a tariff on imports based on carbon emissions, China's goods will become a lot less competitive.

The theory is that "cap and tax" will drive up manufacturing costs here. (True.) This will tend to drive manufacturing overseas where energy is less expensive. (True.) If that happens, unemployment will rise. (True.) So the way to keep this from happening is to tax imports from countries that don't limit their carbon emissions, eg China and India.

Here's a better idea: don't implement this abortion in the first place. Man-made carbon dioxide is not causing global warming or "climate change" and this bill is just another way for government to tax the shit out of us.

* * *

"American Gestapo Ahead", asserts Henry Lamb.

It may be a bit hyperbolic--but I have to wonder how I'll feel about that in five or ten years?

* * *

Scipio hits one out of the park again:
I have not the slightest idea why Sarah Palin resigned. And outside of her immediate family, neither has anyone else. This has not stopped seemingly every pundit from giving an opinion about why she did so. But not a word from me. This is one of those “wait and see” moments. In the meantime I will trust her political judgment and will not give a rat’s anus for the views of Washington DC types.
This pretty accurately describes the Fungus' official policy re: Sarah Palin's resignation as governor of Alaska. When we know something, then I might comment on it.

Meanwhile the liberals fist-pump and high-five each other. I have a feeling their celebrations may be premature, though I cannot say why; all I do know is that liberals have hated Sarah Palin from the moment she appeared on the national stage.

I love this:
We have known for years that the Left is addled by hatred. Those it admires today and in History have also been superb haters. Such hatred has no place in a Republic, but it fits rather well in a tyranny. In fact, hatred is one of the supporting props of tyranny. No tyranny can survive without a continuous outpouring of hatred for some race or some class or some religion.
You know who talked about the benefits of hatred? Che Guevara, darling of the American left. He talked about it in glowing terms, praising its virtues.

* * *

Last night's WoW session ended with disappointment.

You see, I've been running down this stupid quest to get Amaleni her dreadsteed (epic mount) and it is turning out to be a frigging nightmare.

I spent the better part of two sessions questing for the materials needed for the "summoning ritual". One component--just one!--cost 150 GP, which was most of the money Amaleni had accrued from the beginning. By hook or by crook I managed to get everything assembled.

So I headed back to the Burning Steppes to turn in the last quests, only to discover that a) I have to buy back my stuff from that goddamned goblin, which will cost another 250 GP; b) I have to then take everything and fight my way deep into Dire Maul to undertake a complex procedure which will summon the damn mount.

As I said the other day, the training required to ride an epic mount (journeyman riding) costs me 480 GP because I'm "exalted" with Stormwind. To get all the materials to finish the quest I'll spend 450 GP plus two days' worth of questing.

Ooh boy, yeah, I saved a whopping thirty gold!

SO not worth it.

...especially when you consider that Blizzard is set to nerf the mount progression. Once 3.2 goes live, you'll get your first mount at level 20 and it'll cost less. The epic mount will come--as I recall--at level 40, and it won't be any 600 gp (less reputation discounts) to get it. Then flying mount at 60, and so on.

So I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Thanks to the largesse of a friend of mine, one of my characters has about 1,400 GP, so I could pay for the journeyman riding skill and skip the Dire Maul run and the stupid complex ritual entirely. Just chalk the expended money and effort up to "I got another level out of it" and forget it. Or I can go ahead and get the materials and go do the damn dungeon crawl. Or I can just wait two months and get the epic mount when it's cheaper.


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