atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1624: Sunspots.

So about this time last year, was telling us that the latest sunspot was "#999".

This year, we're up to #1024. That averages out to two sunspots per month.

These folks say solar cycle 24 is starting now!

As I say in the comments here, I might believe these guys if they hadn't been saying "Oh look! Cycle 24 is finally starting!" every time one of those two sunspots per month cropped up.

* * *

So Amaleni has hit level 63. In four days I'll have had the character for two months, so my average has dropped to about one level per day. (From two.) As you go higher in advancement it takes longer to get each successive level, and there have been plenty of days where I didn't play WoW at all, so I'm not displeased with this.

Now I'm adventuring in Outland, and it's cool.

I don't know why I didn't do much with Scythandra, the death knight, in Outland. I suppose it's because it felt kind of like cheating, to take a character which starts at level 55 and go from there. I added 9 levels to Scythandra, and at least five of those came from running the "starter" quests. With Amaleni, all of her 63 levels are "real" ones.

Although I haven't really exhausted all the quests in Azeroth, I want to see new vistas; and so here I am.

I still have quests to finish in Azeroth, though I find it difficult to make myself go back and take care of them. Questing in Outland is fun even if I am getting beaten up at lot.

The quests in Azeroth were all designed for levels 60 and under, so you don't get the experience and monetary rewards from them that you get in Outland. (And I'd assume that the same is true for Northrend.) And truth be told I hate the plaguelands, which is where 60-ish characters quest in Azeroth. These areas just annoy me to no end. The monsters are irritating, the environment is crappy, and I'm none too pleased with the quest rewards.

Well, but I suppose I'll go finish the ones I've got, anyway.

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