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#1625: Another clown wants to be a senator.

Emboldened by Al Franken's win, Alec Baldwin now is apparently thinking of trying to become a senator.

Disadvantages: he gets to effect US policy for 6 years. The "stupid lunatic leftist 'entertainer'" caucus in the Senate would be 100% larger.

Advantages: he stops making TV shows. He shows the entire planet how stupid he is. He'd still be only one person out of 100.

Baldwin is one of those people--like Martin Sheen--who comes across as intelligent when he is playing a role, but who shows his true lack of intellect whenever he is his normal, everyday self. It comes from being a successful Hollywood persona: he is surrounded by people whose paycheck depend on not telling him he's a moron:

Just put Alec Baldwin in the role played by Graham Chapman. Or whomever. This is why they think they know things, when all they do is play "pretend" for a living.

* * *

Once again I am amazed that feminists can defend islam and still think of themselves as--and call themselves--femininst, in any sense of the term.

There is no religion, creed, cult, or society in the world which is more anti-woman than islam. Not one. For all of the railing which feminist thought does against "patriarchal society" not one iota of scorn is reserved for a society which really is patriarchal, which literally keeps women barefoot and pregnant under pain of death.

It's because leftists and liberals love tyrants.

Scipio presents some proof of this today: "It was useless for the Iranian people to petition Obama for help, for his heart was with the tyrannical mullahs."

Leftists and liberals love tyrants even though they profess to love freedom. Hell, who doesn't love freedom? But they love freedom for themselves and only themselves; for everyone else there is only slavery, because other people might not make the same choices (and vote) as the liberals and leftists do.

Just to take an example of the tyranny of the left, follow their "free speech" movement and you learn that--at the end--your speech is only "free" so long as you say the same things they say. If you are a Horowitz, a Coulter, a Limbaugh, a Hannity, your speech is "hate speech" and you have no right to speak. You learn that the left--which calls itself the champion of "tolerance" and "diversity"--is in fact totalitarian and conformist, demanding that all hold the same opinions and that none disagree.

The left cannot and will not tolerate real dissent from anyone.

* * *

Wow: "...think of the Democratic Party as what it really is: a criminal organization masquerading as a political party." It took me a few paragraphs to get that this article is satire--and good satire at that.

* * *

See, this is how a well-adjusted Christian responds to something that is not 100% in line with Gospel. (It's Elizabeth Scalia, the Anchoress, of course.)

She gives an interpretation of the linked video--a Pixar short--which is not only thoroughly consistent with Christianity but also gives the short a very moving subtext. (IMHO, anyway.)

Please go to that link. (After you finish reading here, of course!) It's worth watching all the way through, and please read Ms. Scalia's discussion of it.

* * *

It's a cool July day today. So was yesterday. And when are the temps predicted to hit the nineties again?

Friday. When I work.

Remember this post. My paranoia is not unfounded.

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