atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#163: Sung to the tune of....

The scansion may be a bit rocky, but I've been noodling with this idea for a couple of weeks and finally got around to trying to write some of it down.

(sung to the tune of Green Day's "American Idiot")

verse 1:
Wanna be a millionaire socialist
Don't wanna be taxed like an industrialist
I make millions singing songs and playing stuff
Don't want that money taken for social fluff

Welcome to a new life of luxury
complain about the inequal society
You're rich and famous so that makes it okay
Salve your conscience as your net worth waxes
everyone should pay ever-greater taxes
Except for you, of course.

verse 2:
I'm from England I came to America
So I could keep much more of my moolah
Insult the people who buy all my CDs
Morons flock to my concerts and be groupies


Verse 3:
That is me, yes I am a hypocrite.
I'm super rich and I don't give a whit
I'll never give up my social conscience
Even though it's complete and utter nonsense.


* * *

I hope they see this and get ROYALLY PISSED OFF. But they probably won't.

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