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#1627: They can't be diverse HERE! This is OUR club!

Whenever rich liberals are confronted with actual "diversity" this is the result.

People in San Francisco are upset when their policy of "compassion for the homeless" ends up with people crapping in the street. Members of a private swim club in Philadephia are upset when people who don't look like them show up to swim. Why? Because they change the "complexion" of the club, because they change the club's "atmosphere".

Citing overcrowding, one member of the club is quoted as adding, "As general members, we were not told that they were coming. If we knew, we could decide to not come when the pool was crowded or come anyway. We could have had an option."

..."We could decide not to come"? Why, were you worried they might have some kind of disease?

* * *

This would be delicious irony if said abandoned big-box stores were on land which had been "repurposed" via the use of eminent domain: "Hey, local government, how's that tax grab going for you now?"

* * *

Shipping is in a decline again. This is not good for anyone; it's not good for the people who make stuff, not good for the people who sell stuff, and not good for the people who convey goods from the former to the latter.

The problem is that if goods fail to flow in one direction there is an equal lack of money flowing the other way. Regardless of what products you're talking about they are made somewhere and shipped somewhere else...and if the companies which actually move the product around are seeing decreased demand it does not bode well for economic recovery.

There are predictions that the economy is going to tank hard and even irrational optimism on the part of administration officials and the mainstream media cannot prevent it.

We sit here, in July of 2009--months after the "stimulus" package was signed by Obama--and learn that unemployment is worse now than it would have been if the government had done nothing at all. And the Democrats tell us they're mulling more "stimulus".

Guys, if there is anything we don't need, it's "stimulus".

This on top of a plan to raise taxes and make energy more expensive--"cap and tax"--while simultaneously seizing control of 1/7th of the economy by socializing medicine.

(Don't give me that "it's not socialized medicine, it's affordable health insurance!" crap. The system that the Democrats wish to impose on us is not materially different from that of Great Britain or Canada, and that is socialized medicine.)

* * *

Well, we discovered that there was some nasty stuff going on after all in the Bush White House, that some negotiators were told never to write anything down so that there would be no written record of what was discussed. I'm really surprised this isn't all over the news right now, in fact, because after eight years of the Democrats harping about the "republican culture of corruption" here is some actual real proof, and--

Oh. My mistake, everyone, it's an OBAMA official who did this. That explains why we haven't heard a peep from the mainstream media about this.

It turns out, furthermore, that it is Obama's extra-constitutional "climate czar" who gave automakers these potentially illegal instructions.

Owing to the fact that Democrats don't give a rat's ass about illegal conduct in elected officials--so long as they are Democrats--this won't be a problem for Obama.

* * *

A link led to another link, which led to this quote: "When someone hands you your ass on a silver platter, that's not an invitation to put it back on and try again."

* * *

One of my favorite strong, accomplished, and intelligent women, Ann Coulter, today opines on another of my favorite strong, accomplished, and intelligent women.

"Sarah Palin has deeply disappointed her enemies. People who hate her guts feel she's really let them down by resigning."

I will say it again: liberals and Democrats hate Sarah Palin because she scares them. She is the antithesis of everything they stand for; she's beautiful, articulate--more so than our erstwhile President--intelligent, and conservative.

Now that she's resigning as governor of Alaska, they fear what she'll be able to do; she won't have her hands tied by the laws and restrictions which limit what an elected official can say or do in response to ludicrous, baseless charges.

Worse--for the libs, I mean--is the fact that she's not following the program. By resigning, she's not playing their game, and that really worries them: they can't "take her out" if she's not cooperating by retaining a high profile! Her departure from their game plan means they might have to improvise.

Republicans make a serious mistake--and they do it all the damn time, too--of trying to play the game in front of them. That's wrong; instead of trying to get the press to like us we should stand up to the press and tell them, "You're not in charge, here!" Instead of trying to get the approval of Democrats we should beam with pleasure when they get apoplectic, and then calmly and cheerfully point out that "bipartisanship" works both ways.

The Republican leadership doesn't seem to get it: the press will never give us a fair shake so there is no point in trying to get them to "like" us. We end up like 15-year-old girls after the senior prom: used, abandoned, and probably diseased and pregnant.

That is part of Sarah Palin's appeal: at the GOP convention last year her speech made it obvious that she would not kowtow to the press, that she understood they are utterly hostile to anyone with an (R) after his name, that even when they like you they still plug (and vote for) the guy with the (D) after his name.

Let the press say what it will about our policies; properly presented, they will speak for themselves and louder than any obfuscation the press can muster.

* * *

Last night I finally found the full-length version of "Caramelldansen", the one used in the "Carameldansen" flash loop thingy.

* * *

At the Thai restaurant last night, in the men's room, I saw a sticker on the paper towel dispenser: "these come from trees!" it exhorted. "This sticker will save up to 100lbs of paper every year."

Though I am loath to link to their site I will so you can see this idiocy.

See, now, I never would have thought--in my wildest dreams!--that there are actually paper towel dispenser trees out there. I thought paper towel dispensers were manufactured from metal and plastic, and here this helpful little sticker has enlightened me: they grow on trees!

...I'm tempted to order about a gross of those stickers and start sticking them on all kinds of non-paper, non-tree products: stop signs, random bricks, garbage pails, used tires, etc, etc. Problem is, I'd have to pay for them, and no way do I want to support this stupidity.

I made sure to use some extra paper towel, just to make up for the next guy who might take that sticker seriously. I mean, WTF, the guys who grow and harvest trees for paper mills have to make a living too, right?

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