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#1631: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican.

...assuming that it's not just political hyperbole, it makes sense: after Lincoln freed the slaves most of them registered as Republican, and it has only been since the 1960s that blacks became overwhelmingly Democrat.

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There aren't any surprises in this post at Hyperbolic Chamber. Even during the Great Depression, Democrats played politics with the lives of citizens in order to win power.

Democrats don't care about the little guy; why should they? The important thing is that they are in power! Nothing else matters.

Democrats have never looked out for anyone but themselves.

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Do you know what a "special order speech" is? It's when a Congressman gets up in front of the empty House of Representatives and gives a speech. No one hears the speech (but for C-SPAN and the transciptionist) but it is entered in the congressional record.

But when it comes to socializing medicine, Democrats refuse even to allow that level of debate.

* * *

This post by Og is great. Do exactly as he says: read the Wikipedia page he links to, then watch the video.

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Real free speech wins one on a college campus. For now, anyway.

* * * the S.O. has Trilogy of Terror II on the TV, and it's near the end where the lab technician is being terrorized by a little cannibal voodoo doll thing. The constant yammer of "YAAYAYAYYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYYAAAA!" from the TV is both distracting and irritating.

* * *

Why were this officer's orders revoked? An officer who was ordered to deploy to Afghanistan "...argued that he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his legitimacy for office."

The interesting bit here is that--from one point of view--this does show that the military command does not have much confidence in Obama's eligibility to be President.

More likely, however, is that his superiors are merely taking the path of least resistance; and it seems likely that this guy's going to be drummed out of the service. Certainly he can forget about advancing any further, though if he's a reservist he probably doesn't care much about that anyway.

* * *

The title of this Ars Technica post belies its true nature. As is typical of any Ars Technica piece about climate change or anthropogenic global warming, it is utterly uncritical of AGW concensus ("man made global warming is PROVEN!").

The lede is the only scientifically correct bit about it: A new analysis of a past period of climate change suggests that there might be feedbacks in the climate system that we aren't aware of yet."

Oh! There might be things we don't know!

You know, I wish that Junk Science had a link to some of the important stuff they post. There was an excellent critique of the IPCC warming estimates (the numbers everyone in the pro-AGW crowd love to cite) posted a few days ago which demonstrated that we're not seeing anything like the warming that the IPCC says we're due for.

But take a look at the graph accompanying this post on JS.

And this post refers to "last week's feature" but there still isn't a link.

* * *

There may be more oil in North Dakota than we think. Will we be allowed to exploit it? Will this extra supply result in lower oil prices for you and me?

Well, if we can get some new refineries built, maybe.

* * *

Brian Dunbar links to a story about amateur rocketry.

He's right.

* * *

fail owned pwned pictures

Here is a bit of dialogue from Captain Fantastic, the epic amateur production from Rocket Productions. (Me and several friends, in 1991, made a movie. I hope to do an all-digital edit. Someday.)

Dr. Maniac, the main bad guy: Only one man can possibly stop my fiendish plot! And do you know who that one man is?
Bludgeon, thug #1: Batman?
DM (slaps Bludgeon) NO!
Gort, thug #2: Superman?
DM (slaps Gort) NO!
Bludgeon: The Hulk?
DM (slaps Bludgeon) NO!
Gort: George Washington!
DM: MORON!(slaps Gort) You FOOLS! It's CAPTAIN FANTASTIC! Write it the fuck down! Captain Fantastic!

Doctor Maniac should have been on the set of Who Wants to be a Millionaire? that day.

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