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#1532: Wait, what is the stimulus for again?

Arizona Senator John Kyl (R) is against the idea of a second "stimulus" bill.

White House: "If you prefer to forfeit the money we are making available to your state, as Senator Kyl suggests, please let me [Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood] know."

Apparently "...transportation, housing, Indian education and other projects in his home state they said would be eliminated if the senator has his way."

When they were desperate to pass it, the Democrats told us that the stimulus bill was meant to stimulate the economy by via the (disproven) Keynesian theory that government spending can jump start a flagging economy by increasing the money supply. The theory goes that the government spends money on things, people have more money, consumer confidence improves, the recession ends.

The Democrats told us the stimulus bill would "save or create" a whole slew of jobs and that it would shorten the recession; this was why the stimulus bill was absolutely necessary and it had to be done right away or else we would all suffer horrible consequences.

Several months later, Obama's telling us that the stimulus bill is meant to save or create government jobs, the funds are going primarily to areas which supported Obama and the Democrats in the 2008 elections, and by any measure unemployment is worse than it would have been had the government done nothing.

So, okay, this monstrosity of a bill has been passed and it's not doing what we were told it would do when it was in debate. A Republican Senator comes along and says, "Hey, we don't need another one of these things!" and the Democrats portray this as him wanting to refuse federal money for programs that are already on the books.

It's a typical tactic for them, of course. (Like when someone wants to stop illegal immigration, you say they are against immigrants and imply they're racists.) Someone who wants to prevent the government from spending yet more money it doesn't have--when the government has already racked up a record deficit 3/4 of the way through the fiscal year--is trying to "forfeit" federal funding for his state.

It's disingenuous, but it's all they know how to do. Certainly none of them can argue that a second stimulus would help when the first stimulus has made the economy worse; and since they cannot argue for a second stimulus bill based on the (nonexistent) benefits of the first one, they must instead resort to their usual slimy political smears.

* * *

Someday this may be regarded as a history-making moment: a satellite successfully launched into a stable orbit by an actual real private entity, using a rocket wholly developed by that private entity. (What? "Arianespace"? Don't make me laugh. Arianespace is about as "private" as AirBus is.)

* * *

The power cut out this morning at 9:30 AM with a bang--the fuse on the pole went again, the same one that always goes. It took Commonwealth Edison Exelion 1.25 hours to get a truck out here to replace the damn thing.

It took the guy two minutes to replace the actual fuse.

I thought they had fuses which auto-reset; why don't they just put one up there instead of replacing the damn thing every year? Probably because it's cheaper.

Or--here's an idea!--fix whatever's making the damn fuses blow.

They had a couple of trucks out here last autumn, doing some kind of diagnostic work, but I have no idea what they did. Obviously it had no effect on the fuse-blowing tendencies of the local circuitry.

Before the guy replaced the fuse he apparently looked at all the "downstream" lines to make sure it wasn't caused by crossed wires or something...and he went all the way the hell to the end of the next street over. That's a lot of houses on one stupid power line!

Oh well. It works most of the time....

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