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#1634: Obamacare will make private insurance illegal.

I'm not surprised; are you?

Let me explain what it means. It means that people like me--who work part time and buy their own health insurance--had better keep their insurance, because if anything happens to it they won't be able to buy a new policy. I, for example, won't be able to buy a new policy with another company if I decide my current provider sucks.

My only choice will be Obamacare. Keep the plan I have, or go with the government plan.

Now Obama made a special point to tell us that his plan would increase competition, but how the hell does competetion increase when individuals can't buy a new policy?

People who work for large corporations--people who work full-time for them--won't be effected by this provision. But anyone who decides to buy his own insurance is flatly out of luck; he either takes his company's insurance or the government option.

And it is going to cost a hell of a lot.

I suppose that shouldn't matter to me; after all I'm a retail grunt--but it rankles nonetheless, because I know what high taxes do to the economy...and government already consumes 20% of the GDP.

Socializing medicine will require a lot of new taxes; although Democrats never mind deficit spending as long as they're in power even they aren't stupid enough to think they can get away with running $1 trillion deficits every year. (Not for long, anyway.)

This means we can expect higher income tax rates, as well as new taxes from every quarter: value-added taxes; taxes on things which formerly weren't taxed (beyond sales taxes); new energy taxes--cap and trade!--and whatever else the Democrats can think of taxing.

How much taxation will it take for the American people to get fed up with this shit?

So: the Democrats are preparing to take away from us as many health care options as they can; and they are going to tax the hell out of us to do it.

And this is what we can expect to get for giving up all this money and freedom of choice: rationing, waiting lists, higher mortality rates for just about everything, and powerful Democrats who will get to bypass all that the same way Communist Party elites in the USSR didn't have to wait in line for toilet paper.

Who will be exempt from Obamacare, besides Congresscritters? Government workers and union members. Hard Democrat voting blocs.

In this link we see why private insurance will be outlawed:
Will Americans allow their government, either directly or through an independent agency..., to decide which treatments are sufficiently cost-effective to be provided at public expense and which are not? They might, under two conditions: first, that the option of private health insurance remains available, and second, that they are able to see, in their own pocket, the full cost of not rationing health care.
Emphasis mine as always.

Private health insurance will give people a benchmark against which to judge Obamacare. This is why it has to go.

The Anchoress discusses the issue today, and mentions that Obama has a list of some 32 positions for which he has, or wants to appoint, a czar.

And so the party of slavery, the Democrat party, is not about freedom of anything. At that link Scipio makes my point from this post in eloquent detail:
The Democrat Party is the party of treason and an ally to tyrants. It brought us the defeat in Southeast Asia by its refusal to abide by our treaty with South Vietnam. The cost was millions of Asian dead. The Democrats resisted almost every initiative to defeat the USSR and supported anti-American movements around the world, especially in Latin America. The Democrats were rabid in their attempts to find defeat in Iraq. Powerful Democrats were engaged in slandering the US military and encouraging the arrest of Marines. Today we see it and its chief avatar Obama being generous to Chavez and the mullahs and the NorKos while exhibiting outright hostility to our allies, especially Israel.
And Democrats are happy with themselves. They defend the anti-freedom agenda of the Democrat party with the usual glib talking points, with moral equivalency and class envy.

America is more polarized than it has been since the end of the Civil War. And once again we can lay this polarization squarely at the feet of the Democrat party.

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