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#1635: SpaceX FTW

PDB writes about it today.

It's a totally-reusable launch vehicle which can boost payloads to geostationary orbit. The heavy-lift version can boost 14 metric tons into low Earth orbit (LEO) and it can do it for $90 million. (Or about 7 tons to geostationary orbit.)

If NASA wants to resupply ISS--without getting help from the Russians--they must send a shuttle, and that costs $1 billion plus per flight. If NASA wishes to execute a crew change--same story--they must send a shuttle.

I wonder what SpaceX has spent in its entire operating history, so far?

* * *

Michelle Malkin: Socialized medicine and "the death of choice".

Democrats think the average person incapable of making good choices, anyway, which is why they always act to limit the number of choices we have.

And while we end up with fewer choices, we will be paying more for health care.

* * *

Violence in Chicago! Chicago does next to nothing about gang violence, the same way other major cities virtually ignore it. Gang-related shootings are always the fault of "guns". "There are too many guns on the streets," the Democrats gravely intone. "We have to do something about all the guns out there."

No; the problem is there are too many criminals on the streets. But the instant any big city mayor decides actually to do something about crime, the usual suspects immediately begin screaming "RAAACISM!"

* * *

I really hope Israel has the brains to do what we're too stupid to do. It won't take much to put a major kink in Iran's nuclear aspirations.

Obama and the Democrats will, of course, then do their damnedest to throw Israel to the islamic dogs. It really depends on how quickly they can do it, before the people of America find out; historically we haven't kicked much when presented with a fait accompli and the Democrats know this. This knowledge drives much of their strategy.

* * *

So 3.2.0 went live on the WoW Public Test Realm yesterday, and 3.2.0 lowers both the price of a flying mount and the level requirement, so you can get it at level 60. I eagerly fired up my PTR client. I copied Amaleni and Gunbunnysmit to the PTR, and then the re-named Amachi ran through Outland to I-forget-the-name-of-the-place in search of the much-sought-after flying mount.

Training: 600 GP. Mount: 50 GP. And I flew away.

The flying mount is cool. I like it. I can't wait until the patch goes live on the regular realms.

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