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#1637: Constellation is being cancelled?

Brian Dunbar quotes another blogger who says that Obama is "sacking" the Constellation program.

There's no supporting link or reference. If this is true, we'd better pray for the success of SpaceX.

* * *

Meet the real Walter Cronkite. The man was a commie-lib to the core.

* * *

Senator Tom Harkin, Democrat from Iowa, says "We own the automobile companies." "We", by the way, meaning "the federal government".

Democrats--particularly Democrats from big ag states like Iowa--want everyone to have to buy cars that can run on E85, because right now the only way to make ethanol in bulk quantity is to ferment corn. ("Cellulosic ethanol" is not an industrial process yet. It's going to be a while before it is. And by the time the technology has been developed, how many corn ethanol plants will be on-line?)

"At least in Iowa," the article goes on, "Harkin's plan to use the government's newfound power over the auto industry to force fuel changes has some advocates." Of course it does: it's already been demonstrated that making ethanol for fuel raises the price of corn, and there isn't a single farmer out there who is going to complain about that.

Harkin's desire to mandate flex-fuel capability for all vehicles is just another political move by the Democrats to seize as much control of things as they can while their control of the government lasts.

One of the two main reasons that Democrats are in such a balls-out hurry to pass "cap-and-tax" and Obamacare is that they won't be able to do this kind of shit next year: they'll be running for reelection and the Republicans would slaughter them if they could say, "My opponent voted to make YOU pay more for energy!"

The other reason, of course, is Obama's popularity: Democrats are riding a wave which can only go in one direction--down--and they know they're running out of time, which is why there's some debate whether cap-and-tax or Obamacare will be the thing that gets passed. Democrats would much rather socialize medicine--it gives government control over 1/7th of the economy!--but cap-and-tax represents a huge pool of money, and if there is one thing Democrats cannot resist it is raising taxes.

But they don't want to raise taxes in an election year. The population has a short memory, but not that short.

* * *

The Iranians who are loved by so many leftists in this country are fucking barbarians:
In the Islamic Republic it is illegal to execute a young woman, regardless of her crime, if she is a virgin, he explained. Therefore a "wedding" ceremony is conducted the night before the execution: The young girl is forced to have sexual intercourse with a prison guard - essentially raped by her "husband."
So if you're a young woman condemned to die by the mullahs, you can expect not just an execution but rape as well.

Isn't islam wonderful?

This is the regime about which Obama would not speak a contrary word--not until he was forced to, by public opinion.

* * *

Is global warming making deserts greener? One could argue--with equal validity--that global cooling was responsible for making deserts greener.

Since we don't know WTF the global climate is doing, I would say the question is meaningless. There hasn't been any warming since 1998 or so; why would shrinking deserts be caused by a change in climate when there hasn't been any change for a decade?

And, in fact, it was not that long ago that we were told that the Sahara Desert was getting bigger because of global warming, and I think this article rather nicely underscores the fact that we don't know enough about climate--global or local--to understand what it does to the Sahara Desert. (Or anything else.)

* * * I was trying to install a router last night.

You see, my girlfriend wants a wireless router at her place, for two reasons: 1) because she wants to use a laptop at her dining room table, which is where she does her Avon stuff; 2) because she wants me to spend more time there, and I like playing WoW.

Now, when we got broadband here at the bunker, I got a cheap Airlink wireless G router for $20 from Fry's. I plugged it in, it worked, there was no histrionics or difficulty, and I didn't have to sacrifice a goat or anything to get it to function: it Just Worked.

Why do more expensive routers, ones with actual names on them which I recognize, not work? I mean, it's not like the no-name Airlink brand somehow had more R&D dollars behind it, right?

We got a Netgear router and I screwed with it for an hour trying to make it connect, and it wouldn't.

I contacted Comcast tech support just to make sure things hadn't changed since I had a Comcast account, and they haven't: there's no login, no workgroup; DNS, DHCS, and IP addresses are all assigned automatically. All I should have to do is plug in the router, connect it to the modem, and it should automatically get an IP address.

But no, why should it?

And no, I don't see why I should buy this or that brand of router. I'm not aiming to do anything special, here--no torrents, no streaming, just WoW and surfing. What I bought should be perfectly adequate for what I want to do, and yet it will not work, and for no apparent reason.

That's what drives me nuts.

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