atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#1639: Oh boy, this is it.

Limbaugh's talking about Obamacare.

Someone has read the bill and is discussing the features of the bill.

Remember what I said about the bill outlawing private health insurance? It turns out that even if I don't change my underwriter, any change to the policy whatsoever will nullify it, sending me straight to the socialized medical system.

83 million Americans will lose their private health insurance.

Understand what that means: it means 83 million people who have no other option but Obamacare.

Meanwhile, in order to stem the tide of lowering approval ratings, Obama has refused to release current economic statistics until after Congress goes into recess.

If we--the American public--have this information, we might decide that socializing medicine isn't a good idea. We might think that increasing taxes--for any reason--is a bad idea, and the Democrats simply cannot allow that.

Mr. Obama, you promised us "transparency". WHERE IS THE TRANSPARENCY, MR. OBAMA?

* * *

Interesting: Congress has reversed the closing of some 2,000 car dealerships (split among GM and Chrysler).

* * *

Obama's positions aren't that popular with most Americans.

He wants to tax, tax, tax, and spend, spend, spend, and most people don't like taxes.

* * *

Limbaugh is now talking about Sarah Palin.

He points out that the mainstream media is telling us who our strongest candidate is. The liberals are attacking her because they know she's a formidable opponent.

I've said it a whole bunch of times: Sarah Palin scares liberals. She scares them because she's got it all going on, and they know it. She could be "Reagan 2.0" and that frightens them, so they do their best to minimize her, to demean her, to destroy her using whatever means possible.

Who can't handle strong women?

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