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#1640: Fascist health care!

Boortz today has three seperate pieces on it. Presented here in altered order:

Boortz says he's just "trying to be accurate": "...when the government merely controls private businesses without actually taking ownership the proper definition is 'fascist.'" Makes sense to me.

The goose-stepping towards Obamacare continues:
Have you noticed something rather odd about Obama's seizure of America's health care system? This odd little fact has been hiding, as they say, in plain sight. The only people who are really pushing this government takeover of health care are "activists" or politicians. There is absolutely no public pressure to get this done.
Stuff the mainstream media won't tell you about Obamacare. Because it will make people not want it.

* * *

Obama's "on-line" birth certificate may--or may not--be proof he's eligible to be President.

If you or I try to get a passport with a "certification of live birth", the kind of document presented as proof of Obama's eligibility, we would be told, "Sorry, no; come back with the long form."

* * *

Surprise or outrage is only for those who don't know these people. Advocates of "renewable energy" use statistics to lie about the prevalence of renewable energy.

The main headline seems to be that "renewables" now comprise 11% of the US energy supply while coal power has "slid" to 46%. But it's not true.

Problem: "renewables" include "Wood, black liquor, other wood waste, biogenic municipal solid waste, landfill gas, sludge waste, agriculture byproducts, other biomass, geothermal, solar thermal, photovoltaic energy, and wind.... Non-biogenic municipal solid waste, batteries, chemicals, hydrogen, pitch, purchased steam, sulfur, tire-derived fuel, and miscellaneous technologies."

I would argue that the only "renewable" energies in that list would be solar thermal, photvoltaic, and wind. The rest is plain old-fashioned "burn stuff to make heat to boil water to drive turbines" which--as Atomic Insights writer Rod Adams points out--is neither "renewable" nor "green".

He further illustrates the deception by showing us the actual increase of wind power as a percentage of total US generation capacity by year. In 2008, wind accounted for 1.34% of the total.

In 2009 it accounted for 1.89%.

* * *

Today Watchmen comes out on DVD. I'm going to go buy a copy later on. Whee!

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