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#1644: Big nothing.

Just a repeat of the same things I've been saying for the past week--Obamacare, economy, etc.

Not in the mood for it today.

* * *

The only real dissatisfaction I had with Watchmen came from the scene where Rorshach talked to the shrink about the kidnapped girl. I think the comic book handled it better. Not that the movie's way was bad--it wasn't--but the comic's way was just better.

Problem is, the comic book's way would probably have taken too much time. As it was the movie was three hours long.

* * *

The "director's cut" version of Watchmen has a slipcover over it done with lenticular printing and it's the coolest use of it I've ever seen.

Unlike most lenticular prints, which show some sort of animation, this is done solely for a 3-D effect, and it's pretty startling: when I put my finger on the front of the package, the shards of glass seem to be above the surface of the package...and the effect is convincing enough that I reflexively avoid touching the shards of glass, lest I cut myself!

* * *

Last night a post on the Fiero forum led me here. And I already know that I am going to send them $20 to garner a subscription. Why? Let me count the ways:

Vampire Princess Miyu TV which is out of print and virtually impossible to find even on ebay
El Hazard TV
Tenchi TV of which I own the entirety--on laserdisk.
Star Blazers in Japanese which has been a kind of holy grail for me
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Phantom Quest Corp which, again, I've got on LD

...and a bunch of other stuff, including a huge list of OSTs.

Without a subscription, one is limited to 3 downloads per 24-hour period, and I want to grab as much as I can as quickly as I can. Greedy? Yeah...but there's a bunch of stuff I thought I would not be able to see (or see again).

Some of the stuff is anime which vanished without a trace after its release; some is stuff that was really popular for a while but fell off the radar after it had aged a bit.

If they only had Kaitou Saint Tail on there, it would be perfect: I saw most of KST but the last volume was released when? Early 2002, when I was unemployed and had no money for anime. *sigh* And of course now it's out of print and nearly nonexistent.

* * *

So a few nights ago I was playing WoW, and I noticed that whenever I dismounted my horse my minion would lose half his health.

There's a programming glitch in there somewhere since 3.1.2 went live that does that: you dismount, your minion loses half his health, but gains it back--well, my minion wasn't getting it back, and I exploded "WTF?" in the guild channel, and then had to explain myself.

So I and some guildies got into a chat about it. I can't remember their names, so I've assigned numbers; also none of this is an exact quote.

1: well, your horse IS made of fire.
Me: No it isn't; it's made of meat. [Swift Palamino]
1: ew lol
2: my horse is made of evil
Me: What? It is made of meat. It's sure not made of cardboard and fiberglass.
1: my horse is made of love!
2: he eats all the cute and fuzzy critters and poops jets
2: then he surfs the jets
Me: My Little Pony eats tears and sadness and poops rainbows!
2: his name is Optimus Norris

...and then I laughed until tears came.

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