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#1648: The things I think of....

Saw this over at Fail Blog:

fail owned pwned pictures

At first I thought the "fail" was the big iron gates across a "fire exit", but then I saw that the post was titled "College Name Fail".

"What?" I asked with some indignance. Phonetically rendered the name of the place is Goodenow College and there's nothing wrong with it.

"Enough" started life being pronounced "enow"; that's why it's spelled that way. When Catholicism spread into Europe one of the first things it did was to apply the Roman alphabet to the languages of the barbarians. Most of the weird spellings for words we have comes from when Roman Catholic monks were figuring out how to write European languages using Roman letters.

Besides all that, the British do weird things to words used for names, anyway.

* * *

Would Democrats call this "secession"?

I'm having a hard time figuring out how tanks and armies wouldn't be involved in something like this.

Look: Democrats can't afford to have any state get away with refusing to follow their diktats even if the refusal is legal and constitutional. The Democrat party has been itching to get its hands on our medical system for decades; if a major state stands up and says "NO" it could cause other states to do the same. Particularly if the first state is successful.

States have, for years, been struggling with unfunded mandates: the federal government telling states, "You must spend X on Y" but not giving the states any money. It's a violation of the 10th Amendment; and in fact most of the time the feds get around it by saying, "You don't have to follow this law, but if you don't, you'll lose your federal money...."

But concentrating power in Washington, D.C. is impossible if one pays attention to the 10th Amendment.

If Texas were to refuse to implement Obamacare, citing the 10th Amendment, the Democrats could not allow that to stand. I'd expect the refusal to be declared illegal and for them to send people to arrest the governor of Texas...and that's pretty much where it would start to get ugly.

See, Texas is only technically a state. It used to be a country and came to be part of the US through treaty, and one of the terms of that treaty is that Texas can leave the union any time it pleases. So if the government of Texas is feeling particularly ornery the people who are sent to arrest its governor could find themselves declared persona non grata and returned to the United States from the reborn Republic of Texas.

Even without secession, one could reasonably expect the governor of Texas to be protected from US federal agents by Texas Rangers and other state law enforcement officials. There would not be gun play involved, at least not at this stage: feds go to office; feds are rebuffed; feds return to their office and call Washington.

There'd be lawsuits and resolutions and other legal/political maneuvers for a while. Assuming there ended up being no way for Washington to compel Texas to comply with Obamacare--if D.C. could not oust the governor of Texas and replace him with someone more compliant--the next step would be for tanks to roll.

The sitting government of Texas would be declared "illegal" by the federal government--which is not a power the federal government has, by the way!--and Obamacare would be enforced at gunpoint.

The interesting point here, though, is that the Democrat effort to save their hegemony would result in their losing it. How many other states--seeing how Texas was being treated--would go along with a federal government which stifled dissent with the Army? Americans get contrary when outraged; seeing tanks rolling through the streets would anger a lot of people no matter how the mainstream media spun the story.

Regardless of how the story went from there it would not be pleasant. Either Texas is "pacified" and brought into line, thus dooming the United States to a period of totalitarian rule; or else there is a second Civil War, one which really is about states' rights.

This is the kind of thing I really prefer to read about in history books, for two reasons. First, because of the old Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times." "Interesting" does not translate well to "safe and fun", you see. Second, because I can just turn the page and find out how it turns out.

* * *

So I posted on the Fiero forum that I'm thinking about converting the '85 to stick. And I've got two guys telling me they'd like to sell me the parts. I haven't even decided yet!

Oh well.

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