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#1649: The Law of Supply and Demand.

Yes, "law". Not "theory", not "hypothesis"; law.

Vox Day explains how Obamacare leads to rationing using nothing which could not be taught in Macroeconomics 101.

This isn't that hard to understand.

* * *

Peggy Noonan thinks that "common sense" will doom Obamacare.

I wish I could share her optimism; unfortunately, I do not. "Common sense" is anything but common, and too many people have a vested interest in taking control of the health care system.

There was a hagiographic piece on ABC's network news last night about how Kennedy has made socializing medicine his "life's work", and the subtext was that we ought to do it in honor of this "dedicated public servant" who isn't going to be around much longer, blah blah blah, etcetera.

I say "horseshit".

In the first place, the only "dedication" Kennedy ever had was to feathering his own nest. The events at Chappaquiddick in 1969 mercifully kept him from the Presidency but Kennedy has been "the senior Senator from Massachusetts" for decades. Coming from an obscenely rich family he has further enhanced his personal fortune and his family's political reach by doing so. None of this is against the law (and most of it isn't even immoral) but it's important to remember that the entire time this guy has been lauded as a champion for the "little guy" and the "oppressed" he has been oppressing people. People say, with a straight face, that Kennedy has been a champion for "women's rights", forgetting what happened to Mary Jo Kopechne. The guy's a legendary boozer and womanizer--just like his brother JFK was.

Second, let's look at how his "life's work" would change things. At age 77, Senator Kennedy has a brain tumor. He's extremely rich and powerful (and a sitting member of the Senate) so he's got one of the best health care plans in the United States. (Seriously, only the President gets better care.) So he gets the best doctors, the best treatment, no expense spared to extend his life. He's going to die sooner rather than later due to this cancer but the doctors are doing everything they can to extend his life--six months, a year, two years, whatever they can squeeze out for him.

Now, if he was just "Ted Kennedy, retired plumber" living under Obamacare?

"Mr. Kennedy, I'm afraid I've got some bad news for you. Our request for further treatment has been denied. They say that, well, due to your advanced age, it's just not cost-effective to do anything else about the tumor. I see that you're overdue for your end-of-life planning session, so I've made the first possible appointment with our social worker for you, but that's not going to be until the end of August. In the meantime, take these pills...."

No thanks.

* * *

The mainstream media is falling over itself to tell us how the economy is now improving. I like that. Just about the entire time Bush was President, we were told that the economy was in imminent danger of collapse. Now the collapse has started, and now they're trying to tell us that it has stabilized, that things won't get any worse from here, that the recovery should start, that All Will Be Well With Obama.


The government has done nothing that will stimulate the economy. Everything the government has done since this time in 2008 has been anti- stimulus. Basically all they've done is to spend a lot of money they don't have. We're looking at inflation, increased job losses, and higher taxes, none of which is going to stimulate the economy.

* * *

I can guarantee that someone just lost his job.

In the comments it's mentioned that you have to work at dropping a plane like that--it's true that the landing gear have safeties on them--but this assumes that the safety interlocks are in place, correctly wired, and functioning.

The landing gear switch on a big jet is just that--a switch. The system which controls the landing gear operation is a network of wires, sensors, limit switches, and hydraulic elements. A mis-wired sensor could easily defeat the safety interlock.

It's not difficult to implement a load-sensing inhibit on the hydraulic pump that raises the landing gear. But if an aircraft has something like that, the load-sensing switch must work. If the switch reports that there's no load on the landing gear, regardless of the presence of a load, there's nothing to inhibit the operation of the retracting system, and thud you've just dropped $100 million worth of airplane onto the tarmac.

So it'll come down to figuring out who screwed up, but someone did, and that person is going to be looking for a new job by-and-by.

* * *

So AT&T reportedly put a block on 4chan. I know I couldn't access it last night; whether or not that was AT&T or the periodic DDoS attacks the site suffers, I don't know.

What I do know is that it's up today.

* * *

Yesterday was quite a day. I went to my fiancee's family picnic. After that we went to Monee reservoir, rented a paddleboat, and spent half an hour pedaling the thing around and sitting in the sun and enjoying a nice summer day.

...the paddleboat was designed by a moron. The propellor is in front, the rudder in back, and the steering is for shit. It had no keel, so when we tried to go crosswind the thing would crab like an airplane.

Anyway, we had fun.

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