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#1650: Jalopy FIRST, politics SECOND

Yesterday I seperated the engine and transmission which will be put into the jalopy in order to get at clutch and flywheel.

I could probably just clean it up, reassemble it, and call it good. It looks beautiful.

There's plenty of friction material left on the clutch disk. There's no ridge between the worn and non-worn parts of the flywheel. The metal has some spots of surface rust but no pitting; drag a fingernail across it and it doesn't catch. There are two very minor concentric scratches in the flywheel which--again--do not catch a fingernail.

When I try turning the throwout bearing, it's smooth as glass.

So I posted a couple of pics on the Fiero forum, and the concensus seems to be "clean it with brake cleaner, hit it with some 400 grit, clean it again, and you're good to go."

I'll probably just do that, then. It's not like it's worn or anything.

* * *

I'm not going to bother with linking to the story, but apparently AT&T blocked 4chan for a while because there were DDoS attacks coming from 4chan IPs. Fair enough. They could have said something....

Anyway 4chan gets DDoSed a lot, itself.

* * *

Soft jihad at a high school in Dearborn. Muslim kid converts to Christianity...Christian coach is forced out by muslim principal. What's the principal's name? Imad Fadlallah.

Jesus. (So to speak.)

* * *

This article asks if the state which delivered the Presidency to Kennedy in 1962 is "the most corrupt".

I'd laugh if it wasn't such a tragedy. HELL YES ILLINOIS IS THE MOST CORRUPT STATE. WTF, this is where Chicago is! Why do you even need to ask the damn question?

* * *


I have been instructed, by my fiancee, to include this comment:

Obama has done one good thing: he has not favored black people. He has not handed out goodies based on racial preferences.

Are you satisfied now?

She said "Yes".

* * *

So Farah, over at WND, keeps pounding the eligibility question.

Boortz and Ann Coulter and others think it's a non-issue. I don't know what to think about it, myself. If Obama would just present the damn long form birth certificate, all of this would go away.

* * *

So: the Congressional Budget Office is saying things which the Office of Management and Budget does not like.

"The OMB-CBO Throwdown".

OMB=Obama's budget office. CBO=Congress' budget office.

There is some disagreement--to put it nicely--between the two as to what Obamacare will cost and how much money it will (or won't, as the case may be) save if implemented. CBO's figures are not exactly complimentary (or complementary, come to think of it) to the plan.

There is no doubt that Obama wants this plan. He's got his "legacy building" front-loaded, especially since he knows he's not going to be able to socialize medicine after the mid-term elections.

There is also no doubt that Congressional Democrats are between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they also want to socialize medicine. On the other hand, though, the House of Representatives faces re-election every two years, and 2010 is an election year. If they can't get it done this year they won't be able to do it. (Absent massive election fraud, the party of the sitting President always loses seats in the midterm elections.)

The Democrats can't agree on what the plan should look like, they've got no time to fix the problems, and they have a President who is desperately trying to ramrod something through. And so the administration is leaning heavily on what is supposed to be an independent agency.

If Bush had done it, there would have been a throng of liberals in the streets with effigies, torches, pitchforks, tar, and feathers.

* * *

So prominent Democrats Dodd and Conrad lied. This is a surprise? I mean, their lips were moving and everything.
Despite their denials, influential Democratic Sens. Kent Conrad and Chris Dodd were told from the start they were getting VIP mortgage discounts from one of the nation’s largest lenders, the official who handled their loans has told Congress in secret testimony.
First, a wisecrack: so much for "secret".

Second, if these guys knew in advance that they were getting sweetheart deals, it makes them look bad, doesn't it? (I mean, to anyone who's not a Democrat, anyway.) They said they didn't know they were getting sweetheart deals, but they were told up front that they were, and so they are liars. Right?

Mainstream media: *yawn*, let us know when it's Republicans who did it.

* * *

I was going to link two pieces from Scipio today, but to hell with it. JUST GO READ HIM EVERY DAY DAMN IT.

* * *

PDB endorses Peter Schiff for Senator, and I agree 100%. This is the guy who people laughed at when he predicted every single economic issue that has arisen in the past three years. People laughed--and now his predictions have come, or are coming, true.

So the Fungus also endorses Peter Schiff. I wish he could be Sarah Palin's VP.

* * *

Health care is not a "humam right".

Health care is a commodity, like eggs and bread and steel and computer chips. It requires that some person take time and effort to produce it. It's a "service", rather than a "good", but a service is still a commodity which is economically scarce and which must be produced.

The linked post explains what this means in clear detail.

* * *

Disproportionate response:
Consider small-time inventor and entrepreneur Krister Evertson, who will testify at today's hearing. Krister never had so much as a traffic ticket before he was run off the road near his mother's home in Wasilla, Alaska, by SWAT-armored federal agents in large black SUVs training automatic weapons on him.
His crime? He legally sold some sodium to someone, and "...he forgot to put a federally mandated safety sticker on the UPS package he sent to the lawful purchaser."

I guess we really do live in a police state. *sigh*

* * *

Here's the Fiero forum post on the jalopy clutch.

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