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#1657: I'm unemployed.

Got fired last night. Why? "Unsatisfactory performance".

I'm trying really hard to figure out what the hell that's supposed to mean when I consistently got glowing annual reviews about how good a worker I was. When the team leads would argue over what I'd be doing on a particular night because they had something that needed to be done correctly with a minimum of supervision.

But the boss said, "You're not giving 100%." I wonder how many of the guys who goof off a lot are going to get the same speech? Just last week it was me and one other guy in the back room, and we were done with freight backstock by second break. This is when the "other guy" is in his 50s and me with a bum shoulder due to bursitis. There's one guy routinely assigned to the back room who works for a while, then disappears for 20-30 minutes at a time. Is he giving 100%? What makes him a better worker than me?

And where was the constructive criticism? Where was the "coaching"? If my performance was so poor, why did he not come to me and tell me, "Look, you've got to do better than this" when it might have helped matters? These guys are big on telling you, "Hey, this looks great!" and very poor at saying, "You need to do better!"--until, of course, they're telling you that they're firing you because "you're not giving 100%".

What it comes down to is the work isn't getting done and it's not management's fault. The work's not getting done because hours are down; hours are down because the store's sales are in the tank. Sales are in the tank because the economy is in the toilet.

But management can't point to the very policies set by their bosses and say, "This is why we can't get the work done." They can't say, "Look, we need a minimum of 20 people to handle a typical overnight shift and you're only giving us hours for 17," because their bosses will be--shall we say--less than sympathetic. (For one thing, their annual bonuses depend on a demonstrated cost savings of "X".)

End result: they find people to pin it on. Scapegoats. Actual real quote: "We would have come clean if A and B had been here!" (Names changed, obviously.) If your success or failure depends on two people, those people are vastly underpaid.

I'm not the first person to be let go due to "unsatisfactory performance" since the beginning of this year. They got rid of a team lead for that, last month. Before this, being a team lead was practically a license to goof off; now that crew sizes are collapsing team leads have to do the same work as team members. (In fact it's getting to the point that executive team leads have to pitch in as well.)

I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, either.

Sooner or later, though, this is going to catch up with someone on the management team. It probably won't be the latest crop of ETLs, but someone will end up with a crew of lackweights who are good at schmoozing the boss and terrible at actually getting anything done; and that ETL will find his career path cut short--and it won't even be his fault.

Meanwhile I've got to contend with trying to find a new job with a black mark on my employment record (an involuntary, "for-cause" termination) and a poor economy.

Wish me luck. I'm going to need it.

* * *

I would submit that the parents screwed up here. You can complain about TSA until the cows come home but the TSA makes no secret of the fact that "all weapons, even toys, are prohibited from any aircraft."

If you want to keep them, you pack the weapon-like toys in your checked baggage.

I went to Disney World in 2002. I bought a nifty Pirates of the Caribbean toy pistol. I packed it in my checked baggage. Guess what? I had zero problems with the TSA over it.

Oh? Spoiled brat doesn't want his toys packed away? TOO FREAKING BAD.

* * *

"Who will tell Michael J. Fox he needs to die?"

Indeed. Also Senator Teddy Kennedy?

Under Obamacare these people would be "more equal" than you or I. Who cares about Mike Fox, the guy who used to be a dentist but had to retire because he got Parkinson's Disease? And that plumber Ed Kennedy, who's got a brain tumor? There really isn't anything that modern medicine can do for them, and we spend too much on health care, so we'll just give them counseling on how to die with dignity and cut 'em off.

This is "compassion"?

* * *

Do you remember all the outrage from the liberals whenever there were civilian casualties in Iraq or Afghanistan while Bush was in office? Remember?

Dennis does, and he's wondering where the outrage is now?

It's a fair question; people killed with Obama in power are no less dead than those killed when Bush was, so why are these anti-war people silent?

Could it be that they are only anti-war when someone they don't like is in power? Could it be that their opposition to military action is dependent on whether there is an "R" next to the President's name?

Are these people hypocrites, or what?

* * *

Socialized medicine in action. Ilana Mercer's first-hand experience with it.

I am guessing that many of those who defend socialized medicine have had little need of emergency medical care. Until you need care now I'm sure that socialized medicine seems like a good deal; you don't have to pay anything out of pocket and you don't have to worry about medical insurance.

It's when you need something right now that the system fails. So many of these horror stories involve emergencies: people who have broken bones, people who are having heart attacks or strokes, people who have aggressive cancers...and these people are routinely failed by the socialized system.

How many of the defenders of socialized medicine have actually had to endure a medical emergency while under the umbrella of such a system? Has Dan of Dan's Data had to deal with Australia's system while in dire need of care? Has anyone in his family needed it?

* * *

No call from the parts store about my engine parts yet. I suppose I might head over there and see if they've got anything in yet, order the rings, pick up a can of engine paint, etc.

The machining was done Thursday afternoon, more-or-less as promised. The cylinders are now silky-smooth and look brand new. The block must be pressure washed, washed with soap and water by hand, rinsed, hand-dried, and then coated with WD-40 to prevent rust. Then masked and painted...

...and right now I don't feel like doing any of it. I guess I'm depressed; why would that be?


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