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#1659: Iran can build The Bomb

I've said time and again that getting the fissile material is the hard part.

Once you've got the fuel, the rest is just engineering. And Iran's got the fuel:
...Iran [has] enriched 1,010kg of uranium to 3.9 per cent, which would be sufficient for 30kg of highly enriched uranium at 95 per cent. About 30kg is needed to build one bomb.
30kg? Somehow I doubt that figure. 10kg per bomb sounds a lot more likely to me, and that means Iran could build three bombs.

* * *

I hope Charles Krauthammer is right about this. Having Democrats add regulation to the insurance industry would not destroy our medical system the way Obamacare would

* * *

Britain's version of Obamacare is making people suffer.

Perhaps I should say "making more people suffer" or "making people continue to suffer" but WTF.

Point is, government is cutting back on treatment for chronic pain because the socialized system can't afford to treat everyone.

* * *

Vman writes about the pernicious nature of "Cash for Clunkers".

I was all for my fiancee trading in her 2000 Taurus on a 2009 Focus...until I learned that the cars are destroyed. Take a perfectly usable car and ruin it? What the hell are these assholes thinking? They're not:
A government that purposefully destroys perfectly serviceable consumer goods, inexpensive goods that most benefit the poorest and most desperate members of society, is a government gone so fucking mad it makes the ravings of tertiary syphilis look wholesome in comparison.
This being the case I've reversed my stand on the CARS program: it's a waste to destroy a usable thing and it sure as hell ain't "green".

* * *

Michelle Malkin was on The View to promote her book. I'm going to have to buy that book. "You know you’ve won the argument when the ladies of the View are reduced to arguing how corrupt Team Obama is, and not whether."


The Obama White House is not asking media for time. That is to say, when Obama decides to go on the air, he's telling the networks, "I'm going on the air [time and date]. You're going to carry it, right?"

...and don't doubt that there is pressure from the White House to carry that stuff, Or Else. "'Or else' what?" you ask? Withhold access: "We can pull your press passes...." Stop giving recalcitrant organizations "background" interviews. Stop inviting reporters from a particular organization to important functions. Etcetera.

Because the media have collectively been a fawning lapdog for Obama from the beginning, they really have no recourse now. What are they going to do? "Get tough"? First off, the D.C. press corps is all about being "inside", and if they "get tough" they'll be "outside". Second, it would make it blatantly obvious to all and sundry that these guys are utter hypocrites. Third, they don't want to because Obama is their guy.

The media find themselves in the same position that the homosexual community finds itself: they have no recourse. What are they going to do? Vote Republican? Basically the media helped this turkey into office, and now that he's there they find they are having just to accept whatever indignities he hands down.

The media is used to quid pro quo from Democrats, the unwritten expectation that if we help you, you'll be friendly with us. Obama's not interested in the unwritten rules; he's interesed only in what have you done for me lately? The press is something to be used to further his agenda; he'll have no trouble whatsoever heaving it under the bus should it prove inconvenient later on.

I can't help but detect a bit of dismay from the mainstream media of late; they don't understand that Obama is altering the deal and does not care whether the media likes it or not, because regardless he is confident that the media won't switch sides. (See above, re: voting Republican.)

The media is Obama's bitch, and all involved know it.

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