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#1660: Snark and rants

So, anyone recall that--23 days ago--we were told that Cycle 24 was finally starting and the solar minimum is coming to an end? Because there was a huge zit on Sol's face, a massive cluster of two powerful Cycle 24 sunspots? We're going up!

Yeah. But the sun has been blank for 23 days since sunspot #1024 went 'round the limb of the sun. There was a Cycle 23 spot that almost emerged last week....

Typical solar minimum? 485 days.

Current solar minimum? 676 days.

And counting.

Meanwhile all sorts of new summer low temperature records are being set all over the US. (With the exception of the Pacific Northwest, which is getting record highs.) And people are blaming "global warming" for this.

* * *

I got banned from 4chan for three days.

Why? Because I tried to post a reply to something that contained the line "You, sir, are and idiot".

Had I know this was a banning offense, I wouldn't have used it, but oh well. That's 3 days where I won't be polluting my brain with stupid crap, so it's really a win-win situation.

* * *

I ordered a set of piston rings today. That's about the only useful thing I managed to accomplish today: depression has set in.

I spent Saturday and Sunday being angry, so hopefully the butthurt-ness will only last a couple of days and then I can resume getting shit done.

* * *

It looks like Jalopnik has been DDoSed.

In general I refuse to look at Gawker Media sites; they have a distinct liberal lefty "Bush Derangement Syndrome" Democrat cant to them. Jalopnik, at least, is mostly about cars and is largely apolitical--and when politics do come up, usually the people who write the articles are pretty moderate about it. (Usually. But that alone is pretty impressive.)

* * *

An 80-minute presentation on Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactors.

Just looking through the PowerPoint presentation, I'm sold. Then again, I know a lot more about nuclear power than "the average bear" so I can look at the .PPT cold and understand what's going on. Your mileage may vary.

The point is, LFTR presents us with a reactor which can't melt down, which produces very little waste, and which is sustainable for a damn long time. (On the order of tens of thousands of years.)

WTF are we waiting for?

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